Vanya Skorobogatov. Russian Court and Prosecutors Refuse to Issue Warrant for Michael and Nanette Craver; Vanya Victim of "RAD" Quackery?

Russian media reports tonight that  the Moscow Bassamy District Court, backed by the Russian Prosecutor General’s Office. has refused to issue a warrant for the in abstensia arrest and trial of Michael and Nannette Craver in the death of their Forever Son, Vanya  Skorobogatov. (Nathaniel Craver)  Citing double jeopardy, the court said any prosecution of the Cravers by Russian authorities would be “illegal;.” The Cravers, originally charged with homicide (with aborted death penalty specifications), conspiracy and child endangerment,  were found guilty of involuntary manslaughter in September, and in mid-November were sentenced to time served and  3/1 years probation.. An autopy revealed 80 injuries to the boy including 20 to his head. The Russian Investigative Committee placed the couple on INTERPOL’s wanted list (they have never appeared on the online INTERPOL list) and called for their arrest and trial in absentia. From ITAR-TASS: The prosecutor explained that the U.S. citizens had already been convicted on this case in their native country, “which means that they cannot be prosecuted for the same crime in Russia”. Therefore, the prosecutor’s representative (Vanya  said that he objects to the arrest of the U.S. citizens in absentia. In connection with the verdict earlier passed to the Continue Reading →