Speaking of birth certificates… I was listening to Alex Jones the other day. His guest was Phil Berg, the godfather of the birther movement. Berg bellowed on about Obama’s birth certificate, this time claiming the president is adopted; therefore, ineligible to be president, since he somehow lost his US citizenship by being “adopted” by his Indonesian stepfather. (And all this time I thought Obama was born in Kenya, and that was the problem!) Berg is more convoluted than healthcare “reform.” Now, I have no idea what the definition of “adoption”in Indonesia was then, or is now. It’s not like USians are knocking down the doors of Java and Sulawesi to relieve the locals of their baybees–yet. Anyway, adoption is forbidden by Islamic law, so I wonder how Obama could have been adopted. Perhaps Mr. Berg means kafala, a type of guardianship, the only kind of “adoption” permitted under Islamic law. That makes the point moot. For what it’s worth, here’s my little tete a tete over on Berg’s ObamaCrimes forum with the birthers. Like I said over there, if Berg and his busybodies had their way adoptee lites Bill Clinton and Gerald Ford wouldn’t have been president since their original Continue Reading →