Please go to my previous entries, Haiti Child Evacuation: A New Operation Pedro Pan (my keystone Haitian entry), Haiti: Misc. Updates on Adoption and Pat Robertson, and Pat Robertson and Adoptee Rights for the context of this entry ****** Last night, Anon Guy posted an article on the new Pedro Pan scheme, now publicly and unembarrassedly dubbed, “Operation Pierre Pan,” in the comments at my “Child Evacuation” entry. It appears that some “reasonable” heads have prevailed temporarily, but only out of expediency, not lack of enthusiasm for a mass childlift to the US. I was going to post the full article published in Friday’s Sun Sentinel, but on second thought, Anon Guy did such a nice job of culling and emphasizing the important parts, I decided to post his vetted version instead. I urge you to read the entire article, though, since it also deals with the anti-immigrant nativists poised to throw a hissy fit over little black kids “sneaking” into the country–which is not in any way, shape or form related to our objections. Organizers say too soon to implement “Operation Pierre Pan” for Haitian orphans Randolph McGrorty admits it’s a little too soon to focus on what some Continue Reading →