Bastardette could almost forgive country star Rodney Atkins for being the celebrity spokesperson National Council for Adoption. I spent 15 years working with theatre celebs and wannabes, and I’m well aware that “celebrities” don’t know what they are talking about most of the time. Besides, Atkins was a sickly child and was “adopted” three times before somebody agreed to take him full-time. That’s a real drag. Whatever sins Atkins has committed in the name of NCFA, however, pale in comparison to this: Atkins headlined a Welcome Home rally in Midland, Texas for the town’s village idiot, George W. Bush, recently returned from a prolonged stay in Washington DC. Atkins performed for Bush at the White House in November 2007. Since the singer’s invitation to perform at the Obama inauguration must have gotten lost in the mail, he couldn’t’t resist the opportunity to become a first responder for His Incompetency: They’re (George and Laura) just so personable and down to earth,” Rodney told The Midland Reporter-Telegram. “With the events he has had to deal with, it is amazing that he carried himself so well. He’s dealt with the weight of the world.” Between 20,000-30,000 attended the homecoming celebration. Lee Greenwood and Continue Reading →