(I have corrected an error. Attorney Weisburg is not representing the Foleys. Thanks, Gaye! ) As expected, New Jersey S799 passed unanimously out of the Senate Health, Family, and Senior Citizens Committee. on Thursday. It now moves to the Senate floor, but no vote has been scheduled. To listen click on March 4 at the hearing archives page. Much of the following is based on this broadcast. Testimony starts at 42:00. This blog contains three parts. (1) S799: rights restoration and class discrimination, dumped for victimhood, medical history and psychological “need” (2) testimony (3) a brief analysis of the proceedings. S799: RIGHTS RESTORATION AND CLASS DISCRIMINATION DUMPED FOR VICTIMHOOD, MEDICAL HISTORY AND PSYCHOLOGICAL “NEED”Bastardette and Bastard Nation do not support S799 and are actively working to defeat it for the right reasons. S799 is restrictive, discriminatory, creates a new, special and temporary ”right” for “birthparents,” and exempts the state’s adopted adults from equal protection and treatment regarding the release of the government-generated public record of their births. In the last few years, in the attempt to break down the door guarded by the New Jersey Catholic Conference, New Jersey Right to Life, the National Council for Adoption, adoption lawyers, various Continue Reading →