BASTARD NATION: New Jersey A1406/S799 – Submitted Testimony in Opposition

This is yesterday’s submitted testimony in opposition to H1406/S799. I did not post this until this morning because I didn’t want our testimony to be read by NJCare and supportersbeforehand. Unfortunately, the bill passed out of committee. More on that later. New Jersey House Human Services Committee SUBMITTED TESTIMONYA1406/S799: Adoptees Birthright Bill OPPOSE Privilege is the opposite of right Bastard Nation: the Adoptee Rights Organization is the largest adoptee civil rights organization in the United States. We support full, unrestricted access for all adopted persons, upon request, of their own true, unaltered original birth certificates (OBC). We oppose A11406 and its companion bill S799 already passed in the Senate. A1406/S799 permits some New Jersey adopted adults to receive their true and accurate original birth certificates. Others, through the compromise language of the birthparent disclosure veto, will receive only a false and mutilated government document with the name and address of the parent(s) bureaucratically excised by the Department of Health and Senior Services by order of the birthparent(s). Bastard Nation rejects this special veto right of “birthparents” to remove their names from the birth certificates of their own adult offspring. No other parent has that right. Why should “birthparents” have different Continue Reading →


Distribute Freely BASTARD NATION ACTION ALERT! STOP DISCLOSURE VETO/WHITE OUT LEGISLATION IN NEW JERSEY!!! ASK THE NEW JERSEY ASSEMBLY HUMAN SERVICES COMMITTEE:VOTE NO ON A1406/S799 DON’T LET PASSAGE OF BAD LEGISLATION IN NEW JERSEY THREATEN EFFORTS IN OTHER STATES FOR TRUE EQUAL ACCESS FOR ADULT IT’S BACK! A1406 (companion to S799 already passed in the NJ Senate) is scheduled for a hearing in the Assembly Human Services Committee on June 14. Please contact committee members immediately and urge them to VOTE NO ON A1406/S799. See contact information below.If you are from or in New Jersey or have a New Jersey connection, be sure to mention it in your communication. Be sure to put: “A1406 – opposition ” in the header A1406/S799 is: restrictive, discriminatory, creates a new, special and temporary ”right” for “birthparents,” and exempts the state’s adopted adults from equal protection and treatment regarding the release of the government-generated public record of their births. The bill: *includes a 12- month open enrollment period, starting after the Department of Health releases regs for A1406/S799 implementation, that allows “birthparents,” to file disclosure vetoes before obcs, past and future, are unsealed *authorizes the state to replace the original birth certificate, of those Continue Reading →