There’s a baby dump movement growing in New Brunswick, Canada. Bill 60 has been introduced to make it a reality. Below is the official position statement of The Adoption Council of Canada in opposition to the legislation. Good to have you on board! THE ADOPTION COUNCIL OF CANADA: POSITION STATEMENT ON SAFE HAVEN LEGISLATION (May 22, 2009). The Adoption Council of Canada (ACC) strongly supports policies and practices that protect the safety and health of all children and youth, but we do not believe that safe haven legislation is an effective way to meet this goal. Studies that track abandonment show that safe haven laws have not succeeded in eliminating unsafe, illegal abandonment. Other research suggests that the laws may encourage women to abandon infants who would otherwise have been raised by relatives or placed for adoption through established means. In addition, safe haven legislation deprives one of the biological parents (often the father) of their parenting rights and precludes the abandoned infant from ever knowing his or her genealogical or medical histories. The ACC believes that children have a right to information about their identity (their birth mother, birth father, or other family members; their heritage; their culture; their Continue Reading →