Claud’s November 29 blog expose of the National Council for Adoption, the perfectly titled Mothers, Money, Marketers, and Madness is a very important piece of writing that everyone involved in adoption reform should read, save, and act on. It is all fact, taken from the public record, NCFA’s own website and publications and the words of NCFA’s friends. As the World War 2 slogan goes: Loose ships sink ships. No commentary is needed. Go to Musings of the Lame, and read the whole thing. Here is the conclusion: It actually has to be expected. The bottom line is that the National Council for Adoption wants mothers to be separated from their children. Their very existence was conceived to make family separation seem like a good idea and teach others in the field the same positive view. The NCFA does this to protect their members’ interests. Their members are adoption agencies. Adoption agencies make billions of dollars in profits from family separation. They need babies to continue business. Millions of dollars given and spent to convince the public and mothers that giving your baby away is a good thing. And for what reason? Follow the money. Babies are the products to Continue Reading →