Welcome to National Adoption Awareness Month, Again. Getting ready for the collective upchuck.

It’s that special time of year again when adoptees young and old, are objectified, commodified, homogenized and monetized by the media, the adoption industry and its special- interest hangers-on– consumers, lobbyists, politicians, anti-aborts, evangelicals, white saviors, neo-colonialists, social engineers, nation builders, and kitchen table entrepreneurs–rallying ’round the flag chanting their good works. Note the invisibility in this celebratory circle jerk of producers (natural, birth, first, original biological parents) and products (hapless schmuck bastards) and the emphasis on white picket fence consumers with disposable–or crowd funded– incomes in need of “a child” to make them “complete.” With their stories dripping in sentiment, personal drama, and public theatre, you’d never know that the adoptee rights movement is well into it’s 7th decade or that not all adopted people are enamored for a myriad of reasons, with adoption in general or their adoption in particular. Hell, most people outside of AdoptionLand don’t even know that our original birth certificates are sealed. NAAM, in essence, is a time for hard core primal woundies and reunionists, and hard core political organizers and activists, often at odds, to issue a collective projectile upchuck. Continue Reading →