Missouri SB 351: Passes Senate; Bastard Subservience in the Name of Protection and Shame Continues

Really bad SB 351 passed the Senate yesterday. I don’t have the count right now. While the passage of this bill is enough bad news for one day, new language has been added to the perfected bill to make the day even darker: If the biological parents have consented to the release of identifying information under subsection [11] 10 of this section, the court shall disclose such identifying information to the adopted adult or the adopted adult’s lineal descendants if the adopted adult is deceased. If the biological parents were married to each other at the time of the request for identifying information or at the time of death of one of the biological parents, the information shall not be released until the death of the surviving biological parent, unless the surviving biological parent consents to such release. In other words: more restrictions, more red tape, and more third party consents to keep bastards subservient to the state and our birth records locked up. It’s worth noting that SB 351 and its companion HB 427 are supported by Missouri Catholic Charities. Below is a comment we received on Bastard Nation’s testimony entry posted on the Daily Bastardette: Yes, SB 351 Continue Reading →