This just in! Long-time rights activist and writer Lorraine Dusky has started a new blog, First Mother Forum. Lorainne is the author of the groundbreaking memoir, Birthmark. Although an established writer when it was published in 1979, mainstream media ignored this very important book: How dare you! Now it’s a classic! How dare they! I had the pleasure of meeting Lorraine at the ASAIK conference at Pitt last year. Lorraine is a powerful voice for first mothers and reform, and I heartily welcome her to the the Adopta-blogosphere. From Lorraine: Yo, ye friends of adoption reform– Ok, I did it, and though I know I am a late-comer (very), I still found that I was pouring out my feelings to friends in emails and so… I decided…First Mother Forum, a name given to me by my friend, Linda Bolton of New Jersey. I hope you will visit http://firstmotherforum.blogspot.com/ Add it to your bookmarks and check in, post comments–please. Okay, yes, I am trying to get a little traffic going. And right now I feel like I am swimming upstream against a current of other bloggers and people trying to get your attention, but well, you can’t be a part of Continue Reading →