We owe a debt of gratitude to Fox News blow hard John Gibson. A couple weeks ago, in the midst of a bad hair spray day, Gibson, took a hissy-fit over gay adoption. Nothing new there we yawned as we began to install our Fox Blocker. But then, to our surprise and our ever-lasting gratitude, Gibson made a startling revelation: the queer agenda behind baby dump laws! Gay’s can’t have kids–other than going to the abandoned kids store and getting one or two…. Of course, it all makes perfect sense once you think about it. How else could pediacentric gays and lesbians hope to compete with church-wed exburbanite paps with deep pockets and CPCs but to set up an alternative source of supply? And all along I thought it was the National Council for Adoption and its string of “safe abandonment” franchises run from the kitchen tables of America’s heartland, that were filling up the baybee coffers and stuffing our rights down the garbage chute. Mea Culpa! Coming to a location near you soon: The Baby Dump Store! Look for it!