BASTARD NATION ACTION ALERT! PLEASE DISTRIBUTE FREELY STOP THE HB1830 BABY DUMP OVERRIDE We have a golden opportunity to dump a baby dump! Recently the Hawai’i legislature overwhelmingly passed HB 1830, a “standard” Safe Haven bill that permits individuals to anonymously abandon newborns at various locations with no legal consequences. Governor Linda Lingle vetoed this bill as she vetoed a similar bill in 2003. As early as July 10th or 11th, the legislature will call a Special Session to override Governor Lingle’s veto. Proponents of HB 1830 have announced a media blitz to push the override. The big bucks trade lobby, the National Council for Adoption and its friends, have fed the Hawai’i legislature a line of misrepresentations about the need, use, and “success” of “safe havens.” The truth is, NCFA, initiated “safe haven” laws across the country in a death-throe attempt to thwart adoptee identity rights and the restoration of the right of adult adoptees to access their original birth certificates. The American Adoption Congress, Concerned United Birthparents, Origins-USA, Ethica, The Massachusetts Society for the Prevention for Cruelty to Children, the Nebraska Children’s Home Society, Prevent Child Abuse Virginia, Spence-Chapin Services to Family and Children, Holt International, and American Continue Reading →