Today at approximately 2:00 AM, three of my neighbors homes went up in flames. These homes are 2, 3, and 4 doors from me. The home that went up first was #3. Grandma Liz lives there. She has lived in that house for as long as anyone can remember, rearing her kids and then her grandchildren. (Her granddaughter is the obnoxious teenager I threatened to take on a road trip to Nebraska last summer). My across-the-street neighbor, 40 something Eleanor, who has returned home to live with her own mother in the house she was born in, cannot remember when Grandma wasn’t there. Grandma has been on oxygen for years and seldom leaves the house. A few months ago she had a stroke and is paralyzed on one side. She has been staying with her sister while she recovers. Eleanor told me that shortly before 2:00 AM she smelled smoke. The smell was so strong that she looked around the house for a fire and even felt the walls for heat. When she found nothing she checked outdoors. She found Grandma’s house engulfed in flames so thick that she couldn’t even see the house. Eleanor called 911, and her sister Continue Reading →