FOREVER FAMILY, FOREVER DEAD UPDATE: Merrymans Sentenced in Death of Dennis

Yesterday Samual and Donna Merryman were sentenced to 22 years each in the death of their Forever Russian Adoptee Dennis. Dennis, born Dennis Yuritsky was adopted in 2000 from an orphanage in Perm. The adoption agency is not known. Dennis, 8, died on January 22, 2005 of cardiac arrest brought on by starvation. The Merrymans claimed that Dennis’s condition was caused by cystic fibrosis. The couple are self-described born again Christians. They were home schoolers and also taught Sunday School. Since it will go away soon, I’m including today’s Baltimore Sun article on the sentencing hearing at the bottom of this entry. Notable excerpts from the article (if you can stomach it): (1) “All you need to do is look at the autopsy photos of Dennis,” Harford County Circuit Judge Emory A. Plitt said. “It has a striking resemblance to the bodies from the German concentration camps.” (2) Two older siblings described how Dennis spent nights in an unheated room, strapped to a crib without a mattress to cushion him. His hands were tied behind his back with an elastic band, and bells were attached to his body so his parents could hear him when he moved, the siblings testified.They Continue Reading →