I don’t have much time to write on this at the moment, but I want to refer you to Fetch Me My Axe’s latest blog about Acton (Massachusetts) High School TRA lesbian Claudia Contrada and her untenable situation with the amommie from hell who just happens to “staff” at the local anti-queer cell, Article 8 Alliance, and reportedly schmoozes with the Fred Phelps gang. The adopter, Amy Contrada, says that Claudia, despite her claims to the contrary, is not a lesbian at all. According to the elder Contrada, Claudia is simply the confused victim of the Acton school system’s “homosexual agenda” that makes her think she is. Like her school’s current production of the acclaimed Laramie Project in which Claudia appeared before being yanked from school last week., the Boston Globe, and Salon’s World o Crap blogger (be sure to read this one, but be wared, it’s ugly!) have picked up on the story. In turn, Amy Contrada who blogs reportedly under the nom d plume “A Mann” for the Internet wingnut blog rag, MassResistance outs Claudia’s adoption and alleged psychological problems and learning disabilities which supposedly make her the perfect target for queer conversion. So much for privacy! Continue Reading →