Oh dear! Jim Finnegan, president, Illinois Choose Life, demands his organization’s “civil rights under the first and fourteenth amendment, guaranteeing freedom of speech and equal protection under the law” to get his alleged “pro-adoption” Choose Life plate out of the Statehouse and on to the road. Well, what about the civil rights and equal protection of Illinois adoptees whom Finnegan claims to love so much that he wants to make more of us with his cheap license plate advertising? What about the civil rights of the thousands of adopted adults who are perpetually infantalized and anonymized by Draconian Illinois adoption law that confiscates, seals, and locks away the birth certificates, identities, genealogies, and histories of the state’s thousands of adult adoptees? Sorry! In a hierarchy of “civil rights,” the rights of adopted adults to their own identities and records trumps the specious right of a small loud band of Biblical Americans to tool around the state with their “pro-adoption” government-approved message tagged to their cars. Of course, this is the same “pro-adoption” crowd that routinely opposes adoptee civil rights in whatever state they drive in. Live adults have never been their strong suit. And we’re not so cute either. Choose Continue Reading →