As if there isn’t enough to be pissed off about in AdoptionLand! Two of our brighest pols lost in the November election . Sen. Paula Benoit (R-19) lost to Democratic challenger, Seth Goodall, 11,119-10,957–163 votes. The vote went into recount and the results announced today. Benoit told the Kennebec Journal that she doesn’t think she could have done anything more to win the election. “I think it was very much anti-Bush. pro-Obama. I got caught in the middle of that.” Democrat Bobbi Beavers (r), organizer of OBC for ME was defeated by 3-term incumbent Sally Lewin by–get this–50 votes–2,628-2,578. Beavers and Benoit spearheaded the successful effort in Maine to restore the right of accessb there. Their defeats are certainly Maine’s loss. They are true bastard warriors, (well, Bobbi is a first mom, but I’ll make her an honorary bastard). I’ve met Paula a couple times and she’s a class act. What pol could say no to her? And I’ve known Bobbi for years. I can’t imagine why anyone would want Sally Lewin repping them when they could have Bobbi. Maine post, but we won. Unsealing the records is moving along right on schedule. OBC for ME Thanks to Pat Lubarsky!