It’s Alright Ma, I’m Only Bleeding: What keeps me going

I have an overactive need to be dutiful and responsible to the movement (but not myself particularly, as my unchosen lifestyle proves).  After Oregon, I thought we would win it all. Sometimes I’m not sure if we will win.  Sometimes I’m convinced we won’t at all. There is so much about this fight, not about us or adopiton, that’s foisted on us by outsiders and outliers, to fit their own social and political agendas. It’s hard enough fighting the adoptacrats and their fellow traveler droids in the system without fighting the abortacrats, christacrats,  entitlecrats, and Republicrats who know nothing about adoption, and Class Bastard, and don’t want to know, cuz, let’s face it–our fight is all about them and their weird, special interests. We just get in the way. Continue Reading →