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Here I go pandering to Laura Silsby again!

Reuters reported about an hour ago that Judge Bernard Saint-Vil signed a release order for Charisa Coulter’ today, but will hold Silsby for “further investigation. “(No details yet. Maybe he’s reading Baby Love Child or Haiti Vox or me!)

Unfortunately for Ms Coulter, an “administrative glitch” will hold her in Haiti until Monday:

Coulter was returned to custody on Friday because court administrators could not find an official stamp necessary to validate the judge’s signed order, Sainvil said.

“I already signed the release order. All that is left now is to seal it but they cannot find the official stamp,” he said.

There was no chance that Coulter would be released before Monday, chief prosecutor Joseph Manes Louis told Reuters.

“I returned the order to the judge because there is an administrative problem. Once the problem is solved I will proceed according to the law,” he said.

KTVB-Boise reports that the two prisoners met separately with Judge Saint-Vil today for about two hours each and gives a few additional details.

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  1. They can’t find the stamp? Hmm, interesting.

    Maybe Silsby’s dumb comments struck a chord after all.

    Tune in next time for…”As The Clueless Fundie Turns”…

  2. It’s like they’re using any excuse they can think of to hold on to them. It so sucks to be Laura Silsby. I think it would be better to be GW Bush in 2008.

  3. Looks like it will be Laura all alone in that jail for a while. Hopefully she’s learned enough Haitian Creole to be able to do some jailhouse conversions. She might even find a few prisoners to adopt and take to the new New Life orphanage.

    From AP: “Asked if she would be released, Coulter replied ‘Not today.’ She appeared to weep as she got into a police vehicle for the drive back to the jail.” How’s that G-d’s will thing working out?

  4. It pleases me to no end that Silsby will be held for further investigation. I almost feel guilty for being so pleased. Almost. Although I feel that the others should have been held as well, I certainly think she is the driving force. Maybe this will knock that damn smirk off of her face.

  5. She’s going to talk herself into a prison sentence if she doesn’t shut up. She is, obviously, a bit unhinged and a legend in her own mind. Some of the things she has said make me wonder what she has been smoking.

    It is still important to keep her out in the eyes of the blog-reading public. The nature of international adoption need to be exposed, thoroughly.

  6. I think she’s unhinged. There’s a pathology working here. The circumstances could be anything Look at how she ran her company. Personal Shopper, God, the orphan hotel just fill in the framework.

    I’ve read a little bit about her background and upbringing. I went to a christian college and the place was full of potential Silsbys–actually it was the guys who were at risk, but it was under control. I’m nosy. Her first marriage was annulled. What’s that about? I think there’s some lifelong problems here.

  7. There is a really good article (Ill see if I can find it) about sociopaths. The description fits Silsby to a tee. They dont feel emotion so they mimick other peoples emotions. That would explain the inappropriate smile. They surround themselves with people that they can con easily. I think its called The Sociopath Next Door if anyone wants to look for it. Its Silsby to a tee.

  8. When I see her, or hear her talk, I am reminded of brainwashed cult members–the passive, vapid face expressions, the nonsense that comes out of their mouths.
    Reading the comments on the Idaho Statesman’s daily update on the situation (with titles like “They are staying in jail.” “Still not set free”. “Yep, they are staying in jail one more night”…lol) are most illuminating. No support for them or their actions. But lots of concern that people are Christian-Bashing.

    Whoever was the annon that posted about Puello being a coach for the Witness protection program, and needing TOmmy Lee Jones to come look for him in every hen house…That was hilarious. I wasn’t able to post at the time, and now I can’t find it. How IS Jorge escaping custody? Has media on him quieted down because the powers that be are so embarrassed they can’t find him? Or has it been hushed for other reasons?

  9. blueheron– that was me, it’s in the comments of the “Waiting For God” post.

    I think Puello is being protected by some bigwig, either in DR or in Panama. The US Marshals “can’t” find him because they have been called off the hunt. Someone made a deal to save Jorge’s rear end in return for not exposing others who are involved. That’s my hypothesis, anyway.

  10. I can guarantee you that Yoram is protected, but I think it’s higher up. An Interpol warrant is basically useless outside the US/British axis. Moreover, he lived openly all over the Miami area (I’ve got the addresses), incorporated at least 2 businesses in Florida and 2 that I know of in DR, had a relationship with Kulanu, was writte up in a journal, traveled between the US, DR, El Salvador, and finally Haiti for years, though I suspect he’s staying out of El Salvador at the moment. Then look at his actions with Silsby. These are not the actions of someone who is hiding. There’s a story here and TeamSilsby is only part of it.

  11. Ah, thanks, Anon Guy.
    I also think that something is being covered up. I think that he really did work for the U.S., and he was allowed to “avoid” custody (pre-Silsby and Co.) because of his connections, as long as he stayed out of the lime light. For whatever reason, he was compelled (God told him to do it?) to help these Baptist missionaries, which put him in the media. The media, and sleuthful bloggers all over, dug up the records on him. The various Gov’ts that know about him had to look like they were on the hunt, until it died down and everyone got distracted with a newer crisis. (If I could pin the Chilean earth quake on them, I would).

    Something that I ponder–one of the Baptists’ “targets” for conversion in Haiti is the Jewish population. Jorge is Jewish. Why would he help people who are trying to convert his own people who are trying to emerge from a historical, mandatory conversion to Catholicism way back when? Does NOT make sense.

  12. Marley, I agree. By mentioning DR and Panama, I meant that that’s where I think he’s hiding out, although the bigwig(s) could be anyone. I’m sure he’s got contacts in the US helping him out, and it wouldn’t be a shock if he made it to Miami. In fact, he did claim he was in the US military and worked for the DEA– and since neither claim has been officially refuted, it may be true. If so, that screams “intelligence asset”. A piece on a chessboard.

    blueheron–I think Puello’s religious obsession mainly has to do with 1) proving he’s Jewish, and 2) profiting any way he can from his connections. I don’t think he cares much about Judaism or other Jews at all, despite his many protests.

  13. I am not a specialist in the Napoleonic Code by a long shot, but I believe ‘meeting in private with the judge,’ who is an investigatory judge, means direct interrogation. Judge Saint-Vil’s point was to separate the two defendants and really lean on them. This is not some kind of flaw in the way Haitians do things as the broadcast reporters implied. Nor has this case moved slowly. American prisoners usually wait longer than a month for a preliminary hearing. The notion that there is something wrong with anything the Haitians do is stupid and racist.

    Does anyone know how tall Charisa Coulter is? She really towers over the Haitian men guarding her.(Yes, they are guards, not heathens waiting to be converted to Christianity as Paul Thompson claims.)

  14. Anon guy- I agree. My intention of my comments was to point out the contradiction, and ponder if he recognized that contradiction or if he even cared. To me, it points to the transparency of his house of cards.

    merrymico- I found a book by that title. I ordered it on interlibrary loan because my university doesn’t have it. I’ve spent some time researching psycho and sociopaths, because I had a middle-school student who was researching them. Anyway, the stuff we were reading about psychopaths made it seem like they were a human predator. Sociopaths are users, and psychopaths are predators, something like that.

  15. Hi blue heron Ill tell you that is interesting reading. If you go online there is a short summary of the book and we all know someone that fits the bill. There is a difference between sociopath and psycopath and psycopath is a predator. Very interesting. Thanks.

  16. I have to agree that it seems like Yoram is being protected by somebody. I find it hard to believe that law enforcement from 4 countries cannot find this guy, especially when he is all over the internet. But by whom and why? Maybe he is part of something much bigger, but he strikes me as being rather small potatoes. I suspect there is much more to this story.

  17. Wolf Blitzer and Dr Elizabeth Cohen (Situation Room on CNN) just did a piece about a 2-month-old girl “orphan” who was flown to the U.S. after the earthquake. Now her mother and father in Haiti have come forward and they want their baby back. They have a type of birth certificate with the baby’s birthdate, name and their names on it, as well as her immunization card. She was re-named by Americans who drove to the airport with her–named after the driver whose name was Patricia. Her real name is Jenny.

    During the interview, Elizabeth Cohen told them that “people” were saying that they just want to get to the US. They just want their baby back. They’ll be doing DNA tests, and a doctor in Miami is sure that they are the parents.

    Wolf Blitzer called it a “custody battle” but nobody mentioned anything about the baby being adopted in the US.

    And so it begins–a lot more of this to come.

  18. Thanks anonymous! So it begins. They will make a custody battle out of it These people “bond” with somebody else’s baby within 5 minutes of seeing a picture of it not to mention actually seeing it.

    The famous Baby Jessica and Baby Richard cases shouldn’t have been custody caes either. Those kids were never eligible for adoption except in the minds of the adoption agencies and paps who wanted them–and they dragged on for years and were very ugly.

  19. Anonymous 6:20–

    I saw that CNN piece as well. Elizabeth Cohen and Wolf Blitzer did their best to imply that the actual parents of Jenny (aka Patricia) were some random publicity hounds, and not some actual Haitian refugees seeking the return of their stolen daughter. Nevertheless, the fact that a DNA test is being done pretty much cements the issue. It looks like one child, at least, will return to her parents.

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