RIP ILLINOIS: HB 5428 PASSES:. Adoptee Rights Die

That pernicious piece of crap passed. Tentative vote:

36 yea
16 nay
2 No vote

Senators waxed poetic over the “robust” debate in Judiciary a few days ago!
Were they there?

Others praised the bill as “brilliantly crafted.”
Did they read it?

Supporters said, “We are being balanced” by not going “far enough.”
Why do they promote “special rights”

Supporters spoke eloquently about the “restoral of a right”
What about the vetoed left behind?

The EB Donaldson “pledged support” for registry/CI “educational” campaign.
When did EBD become NCFA?

On to Pat Quinn’s office…action alert shortly!

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One Reply to “RIP ILLINOIS: HB 5428 PASSES:. Adoptee Rights Die”

  1. I say piss on every legislator who voted YEA for taking a giant step backward in adoption reform. Just another shining example of corrupt IL politics at its best. May Sneaky Sara and company have nothing but snot in their beer the remainder of their days on earth.

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