Bastardette will once again appear on Donna Montalbano’s Adoption Show out of Fall River, Mass this coming Tuesday (August 14.) We’ll be having an open-ended discussion about Bastard Nation and why records access is a civil right. If things get dull, we can talk about Bastardette’s favorite musical: The Fall River Follies or Oh Mrs. Churchill, Do Come Over: Someone has Killed Father.

Unfortunately, the show isn’t streamed, so you’re got to catch it live. Donna is a great friend of Bastards and their families. If you’re in the Fall River area, turn, on, tune in, call us.


  1. Dear Fellow Adoptee Advocate,

    A new social networking tool has just arrived and we’d like you to help us build the community by being one of the selected members to participate in the beta process.

    This networking site is about connecting Adoptees from around the world with each other through a common portal. It is similar to MySpace and Facebook, but with a lot more integrity and less harmful material. Currently Sign-Ups are by invitation only, and we’d like to have you and your organization be part of the initial process.

    Our vision and mission is to become the #1 resource for everything adoptee-related. From news, events, gatherings, job opportunities, encouragement and support, general networking, to anything else we can build for the adoptee community. We want to be able to use our common bond and passion for being adopted to change the world!

    Please visit: to check it out. Please note, we are looking for passionate people who believe that the web and social networking can help build the adopted community! If you’re interested in becoming a member, email me back with a little about yourself are and where you’d like to see this site go. You’ll get a special invite key and be able to sign up.

    Also, spread the word! After you join, you’ll be able to invite other adoptees to join as well. You’ll get 100 invites to send to others. We hope that you will invite those especially interested in growing the adopted community on the web. We want this to be a grassroots movement and we know that you as a leader will help carry this movement to success.

    Let me know if you have any questions or if you’d like to become an Alliance partner. Please feel free to forward my email address to anyone who you’d think would love to join or partner with our community.


    Peter Saddington
    [email protected]

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