Radiance Foundation: what’s bad for the goose is good for the gander

gooseA couple days ago I addressed the issue of “safe space” and “trigger warnings:” Safe Space and Trigger Warnings Should Not be the Tools of the Adoptee Rights Movement.

A few days earlier I published a post about the hypocritical lack of support for adoptee rights from the adoption-pushing Radiance Foundation.   I mentioned that I’d been blocked from reading  its tweets for asking politely if the christo-right Radiance and its CEO Ryan Bomberger, a very vocal happy adoptee, supported adoptee rights. (And no, I didn’t address Ryan as “christo-right!”)   You’d think Radiance would weigh in on this since Ryan, Inc considers adoption the cure-all  for abortion and has made it a keystone of the foundation’s ideology.  I fail to see how anti-aborts anywhere ca not support adoptee rights without looking like a hypocrite, but they do. and  get away with it, and Ryan Bomberger is one of the biggest scofflaws out there.  Barely a day goes by when a unicorn doesn’t sprout from Ryan’s brow, but I’ve never seen an OBC or court record spout from his fingers

Ironically about the same time I was being booted from Twitter, Ryan posted the following Radiance-made meme attacking “safe space.” (If I had more time I’d pontificate on the absurd conflation of “Islam” and “Communism.”)

Isafe spaces

So, what’s bad for the goose is good for the gander. Not surprised. I’ve never met a theonomist who didn’t want to shut up anyone who disagreed with him/her.

I could care less if I’m blocked on Twitter. It’s amusing,  but oh the hypocrisy!  So here’s Bastardette’s response:

Raadiance meme


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