Oklahoma: HB 2634–Geographically limited Action Alert

Important:  please read the guidelines before you write . This is a limited action alert for those born in Oklahoma or current residents.

From Pat Marler:

Great news! HB2634 was placed on the House of Representatives Floor Calendar today! It will be heard between the 12th and the last day to be heard, the 15th.

This is a clean bill with no restrictions; only a contact Preference Form which does not affect the release of the OBC. 

The following are e-mail addresses for the Representatives and we want all those who were born or live in Oklahoma to please write these Representatives and tell them why passing this legislation is important to all adult adoptees born before 1997. It is a sensitive way to let a birth parent to let the adoptee know how or if she/hewants to be contacted. Also, if there is no contact wanted, the birth parent will be asked to fill out a medical and social history to be given along with the Contact Preference form to the original birth certificate.

IMPORTANT:   HB 2634 sponsor Rep. Ben Scherrer  requests that  emails not be sent until  Monday morning March 12.  He wants them to be fresh in the legislators’ minds. He also wants them short and to the point.

Read the bill here and then write:

Representative Email
Armes, Don [email protected]
Banz, Gary W. [email protected]
Bennett, John [email protected]
Billy, Lisa J. [email protected]
Blackwell, Gus [email protected]
Brown, Mike [email protected]
Brumbaugh, David [email protected]
Cannaday, Ed [email protected]
Casey, Dennis [email protected]
Christian, Mike [email protected]
Cockroft, Josh [email protected]
Condit, Donnie [email protected]
Coody, Ann [email protected]
Cooksey, Marian [email protected]
Cox, Doug [email protected]
Dank, David [email protected]
Denney, Lee [email protected]
Derby, David [email protected]
DeWitt, Dale [email protected]
Dorman, Joe [email protected]
Enns, John [email protected]
Faught, George [email protected]
Fourkiller, William [email protected]
Glenn, Larry [email protected]
Grau, Randy [email protected]
Hall, Elise [email protected]
Hamilton, Rebecca [email protected]
Hardin, Tommy [email protected]
Hickman, Jeffrey W. [email protected]
Hilliard, Wes [email protected]
Holland, Corey [email protected]
Hoskin, Chuck [email protected]
House District 71 [email protected]
House District 88 [email protected]
Inman, Scott [email protected]
Jackson, Mike [email protected]
Johnson, Dennis [email protected]
Jordan, Fred [email protected]
Joyner, Charlie [email protected]
Kern, Sally [email protected]
Key, Charles [email protected]
Kirby, Dan [email protected]
Kouplen, Steve [email protected]
Liebmann, Guy [email protected]
Lockhart, James [email protected]
Martin, Scott [email protected]
Martin, Steve [email protected]
McCullough, Mark [email protected]
McDaniel, Curtis [email protected]
McDaniel, Jeannie [email protected]
McDaniel, Randy [email protected]
McNiel, Skye [email protected]
McPeak, Jerry [email protected]
Moore, Lewis H. [email protected]
Morgan, Danny [email protected]
Morrissette, Richard [email protected]
Mulready, Glen [email protected]
Murphey, Jason [email protected]
Nelson, Jason [email protected]
Newell, Tom [email protected]
Nollan, Jadine [email protected]
Ortega, Charles [email protected]
Osborn, Leslie [email protected]
Ownbey, Pat [email protected]
Peters, Ron [email protected]
Peterson, Pam [email protected]
Pittman, Anastasia [email protected]
Proctor, Eric [email protected]
Pruett, R. C. [email protected]
Quinn, Marty [email protected]
Renegar, Brian [email protected]
Reynolds, Mike [email protected]
Richardson, Phil [email protected]
Ritze, Mike [email protected]
Roan, Paul D. [email protected]
Roberts, Dustin [email protected]
Roberts, Sean [email protected]
Rousselot, Wade [email protected]
Russ, Todd [email protected]
Sanders, Mike [email protected]
Schwartz, Colby [email protected]
Scott, Seneca [email protected]
Sears, Earl [email protected]
Shannon, T. W. [email protected]
Shelton, Mike [email protected]
Sherrer, Ben [email protected]
Shoemake, Jerry [email protected]
Shumate, Jabar [email protected]
Steele, Kris [email protected]
Stiles, Aaron [email protected]
Terrill, Randy [email protected]
Thomsen, Todd [email protected]
Tibbs, Sue [email protected]
Trebilcock, John [email protected]
Vaughan, Steve [email protected]
Virgin, Emily [email protected]
Walker, Purcy D. [email protected]
Watson, Weldon [email protected]
Wesselhoft, Paul [email protected]
Williams, Cory T. [email protected]
Wright, Harold [email protected]

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