More Whackadoodlery from John Becker: Shotgun sleeping

I really hoped I would not have to write about John I’m-not-a- Doctor Becker again, but he just won’t let it go. Being the dumbest Representative ever to be elected to the Ohio General Assembly is intoxicating, I’m sure, and it can be difficult once you’ve reached that status. to one-up yourself,.But Becker did it.

Becker’s; latest trip to LooneyLand comes courtesy of Plunderbund. I am posting the entire tweet since it is short and to the point. The original post is no longer on Becker’s FB page. I am guessing that one of the Becker ladies pulled the plug.

Becker’s daughter, 22, is a summa cum laude graduate of Miami University in Oxford and received her MA at the University of St. Louis. She is a Registered Dietitian. He credits her success to his wife’s homeschooling. Becker, has an unhealthy interest in sex, however (check out the bills he sponsors) and apparently doesn’t trust his high- achieving daughter to control her passions when coming home over the Memorial Day weekend, Talk about embarrassing dads.

I really don’t know how to respond to this numbnuttiness other than to wonder if this guy should be walking the marble halls of the Ohio Statehouse.

Ironically, he is fine with cops tasering 11-year old girls. 

Becker’s tweet is being treated as a joke, but I’m not convinced.

Years ago my birthmother’s husband Bob told me a story about his forced sleeping arrangement with my birthmother. Dottie, that bears a striking resemblance to Life with John Becker.

A few months after Dottie and Bob were married Bob was forced to drop out of Ohio State due to illness and return to Akron. Unfortunately, the couple got stuck living with Dottie’s parents. I don’t know how my grandmother felt, but my grandfather detested Bob, for no detectable reason other than he wasn’t a member of the Firestone family (don’t ask!), and the feeling was returned for obvious detectable reasons. My grandfather went nuts at the idea of Bob and Dottie, who were in their mid- 20s, sleeping in the same room–or should say bed–and forced them to sleep in separate rooms  No mention of a shotgun, though.

BTW, my piece on Becker, which appeared here on May 18, has now been published by the Columbus Free Press.


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