Monday: Erik L. Smith on The Take Away!

Advocate for natural parents in adoption and Bastardette guest blogger Erik L Smith will be a guest Monday morning (August 23) on NPR’s The Takeway. Erik will discuss the proposed federal Putative Father Registry bill currently in Congress. Go here to find your local schedule. The show starts at 6:00 AM edst. His segment is scheduled as of this writing for 6:49 AM. I believe it will also be available later online.

You can read Erik’s work at

UPDATE: Here is the link to The Takeaway discussion page on putative dads.

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3 Replies to “Monday: Erik L. Smith on The Take Away!”

  1. Putative Father registries are passive and ineffective. They only work if the man knows he has impregnated a woman.

    Many adoptees have found their natural fathers and have been shocked to find that these men knew absolutely NOTHING about their existence. My father still doesn’t know that I exist.

    We need a Federal LAW “A Father’s Right To Parent” Here’s the link to my petition to explain it in more detail:

    Thanks, Marley!!!!

    -Mara 🙂

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