OK this little game of Memes is running around the blogosphere, so I decided to have at it All you do is type your name into in to Google followed by the word “needs.” Since it didn’t work too well with Bastardette, I used Marley. So…

Marley needs:

(1) a Forever Home (Please contact EAC, Tree of Life, Focus on Adoption (Utah), The Open Door, or your favorite adoption agency for details)

(2) needs an owner that can provide a balanced and stable home environment (Please contact A Child’s Waiting for re-homing details).

(3) a great home ( Is there a pattern here? Hint: I still prefer The Hamptons despite the current invasion of riff-raffan bad archecture. I will also consider Gstadd.)

(4) Vicky’s help (Good help is so hard to find nowadays I’m willing to take on Vicky as my new servant on a trial basis. Does she do weeds and Mai Tais? Every other Sunday off. )

(5) donations (YES!)

(6) more leisure time (with the donations I can do it!)

(7) to stop working ( ditto! Please states! Unseal all adoption records, repeal baby dumps! I won’t even apply for unemployment. Promise. And send more donations!)

(8) videos (especially pre-code Barbara Stanwyck films. Send with donations)

(9) to gain a little weight (there’s always a joker in the deck!)

(10) to find herself a husband — and quickly (Otherwise, it’s off to the Gladney Home!)

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  1. LMAO
    Marley Too funny, But you know you’re supposed to wait until you get tagged for it right 😛
    Ah well always the individual hey 🙂 The only way to be too !
    Great Meme..qjfoyxuz

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