Lil’ Lori Asskicker: Watch Lori Jeske’s Testimony Against Washington HB 1525

Bastard Nation Executive Committee member and Treasurer, Lori Jeske, spoke  before the  Washington State Senate Human Services and Corrections Committee on March 21  to oppose HB1525 which if passed, will continue to gut the rights of adoptees in that state. The bill not only retains the Affidavit of Disclosure Veto (and has only been used four times in 20 years), but a bogus “contact preference form” which acts as a DV to bar release of the OBC.  Not only do some Washington leggies fear bastards, but they lack an elementary understanding of the English language.

Preference: noun
1.  a greater liking for one alternative over another or others:
          —a preference for long walks and tennis over jogging
          —he chose a clock in preference to a watch
      a thing preferred:
          —my musical preferences are blues and swing  
      a favor shown to one person or thing over another or others:
           —preference is given to those who make a donation

 Maybe we should take up a collection for a dictionary.

Here is Lori in action!

Bastard Nation’s written testimony is just below this entry.

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