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> [Responsa III, 112]

In other words, the proof for the matrilineal descent lies with the accuser . . .

Not with the alleged victim. Why?

In the Mishna – the compilation of Oral Torah – we find an injunction that says:

> [Kiddushin 4:10]

In another responsum, now in regards to the Anusim of Ashkenaz (Germany) in the 12th c., Rabbi Salomon bar Simson said:

> [Geshichte der Juden in Deutschland a.a. O. p. 29, Bernfeld a.a. O.S. 192.]

Why? Very simple, to speak wrongs on Israel leads to impiety, as exposed by Maimonides, of blessed memory:

> [Iggeret ha-Shemad, Halkin’s translation, (Philadelphia, 1993) p. 17]

Now I am also held accountable.

The very claim of the Anusim carries authority, and establishes the main reference point for rabbinical defense.

The Rabbis dialogue underneath the voice of the Anusim.

We hardly find any actions to the contrary. And since it is in the majority of opinions to consider Anusim as part of Israel, it follows that it is treated with the utmost respect and care.

Therefore, there should be to no one’s amazement to see R. Aaron Soloveichik response when he says:

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