It’s enough to make a girl…

This will be short tonight since I got a late start.

This morning I reconnected with a cousin on Facebook I’ve not spoken to for years. I have lots of family pictures, and scanned a few of them tonight for FB and her.
Looking at these old pictures reminded me that once upon a time we weren’t adopted. I don’t mean the obvious: that time between birth and finalization. But when we were older, when even if you knew you were adopted you didn’t know about the political and personal consequences and disabilities. There’s a kind of innocence about about those days, (if you were fortunate) before you figured out that you were a pawn in a lot of other people’s games. People you’d never heard of and didn’t care about then–or now.
Sealed records and adoption secrets may be our agenda, but we, as individuals and as a class, are part of so many more public agendas: abortion women’s status, welfare, political platforms, , taxes, “privacy,” race, class, gender, christian conversion, infertility, child abuse, custody disputes, high tech repro, political correctness, immigration, trafficking, child abandonment, globalism, neo-colonialism, imperialism, State Department deals. You can probably think of more. Leave us alone. Give us what is ours. We are not your business.
It’s enough to make a girl go for her guns!

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5 Replies to “It’s enough to make a girl…”

  1. Thanks for sharing the photos! It is probably a good thing that we don’t take out real guns to shoot some of those who don’t seem to care about adoptees, children being left in trash dumpsters and the list goes on.

    Yes, we did grow up innocent without a clue as to what it would be like to try to get an OBC. I know that I never thought about fighting for adoptee rights until 30 years plus ago.

    But I think we advocates for human rights can pat ourselves on the backs and I just wish that more would join us.

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