Accurate personal info, including the religious affiliation, of Jorge Torres Puello is scarce so far, but the question has caught on in the blogosphere: Is Torres Puello really Jewish? Although the relevancy of this question has nothing to do with adoption, the subject of the Daily Bastardette and End Child Exportation and Trafficking…, I’m going to take it on.

No reference is made to Torres Puello’s religion in the interview with his mother and stepfather in the Miami Herald (registration required) or CNN. I’ve heard nothing to suggest he was born Jewish. Puello isn’t a Jewish name, but Torres is. His father is reported to be Puerto Rican and if he were Jewish, it wouldn’t make his son Jewish by birth. There are a couple media references saying that Torres Puello is a Jewish convert, but I’ve not seen any genuine documented source on that. If it is true, when did he convert and who did he convert under? Nobody has come forward to claim him.

We only “know” Torres Puello is Jewish because (1) he says he’s Jewish and (2) he wears a kippah and talit. I have a talit. Does that make me a Jewish man?

When Did Jorge Torres Puello “Become” Jewish?
We know from various sources including Puello’s mother Ana (Solead) Puello that her son skipped around a lot: the US, DR, Puerto Rico, El Salvador and Canada. (There are now sketchy reports that he spent 18 months in a Canadian jail waiting for extradition to the US and was finally released). Puello and his mother further claim that he spent a year in jail in 1998 for handling funds from drug trafficking (he denies the drug charge) and was jailed briefly between 2001-2002 for a parole violation. I don’t know about the 1998 or Canadian raps, but the 2001-2002 time was not a parole violation,. He pled guilty to attempting to negotiate a stolen Treasury check for $66,000 in Philadelphia using the name George Boyd, Jr.,verified in the February 1-15, 1999 Fraud Awareness Newsletter and his failed appeal for sentence reduction before the 3rd District Federal Court of Appeals.

To makes things more curious, according to CNN (above link):

both his mother and Torres Puello say he served briefly in the U.S. Army in a military intelligence unit, and Torres Puello said he also worked undercover with the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration and the Department of Homeland Security.

Given Torres Puello’s penchant for lies and quick change identities, I have my doubts this is true. But if it is, that could explain his relationship with fellow trafficker Pablo Nasser (how would a cheap con artist and common criminal like Torres Puello meet up with the Deputy Director of Immigration?) and open up a whole lotta mess for a whole lotta people.

We know that Torres Puello lived with his first wife Valerie in Plantation, Florida, and that after his 2005 common law marriage to second wife Ana Rameriz, lived in Puerto Rico. He seems, in fact, to have had several “legal addresses” in the last few years, and judging from the picture of his La Liberdad home, he wasn’t hurting for cash.

Harry Ezratty places Torres Puello, aka Jorge Yoram Torres, in Santo Domingo in 2005, where he self-identified as an American Orthodox Jew and ran an internet cafe, though that is information probably furnished to Ezratty by Puello Torres. I have no practical way to research the alleged business.

We know that Torres Puello founded the DR Sephardic Orthodox Jewish Community in 2007, the Sephardic Orthodox Jewish Council of El Salvador in 2008, and the for-profit Sephardic Orthodox Jewish Council of America in Florida in 2009, ostensibly to establish synagogues, perform religious marriages, conversion, certify kosher slaughter, etc. If and what these organizations did is so far unknown.

We know that there is Internet speculation that Torres Puello used the Chabad network to move his traffick. The Awareness Center: International Jewish Center Against Sexual Abuse/Assault posted the following yesterday:

According to reliable sources Jorge Torres Orellana davens (prays) at the Chabad in the Dominican Republic.

No details were offered. Read Twelfth Bough’s thoughts on the subject here. There are a couple entries.

We know that the DR’s small Jewish community is distancing itself from Torres Puello, claiming they never heard of him.

All of these “knowns” bring up the question: Is Jorge Torres Puello really Jewish?

If Torres Puello were a devout Orthodox Jew (by birth or conversion; Dominican or American), wouldn’t he have sought out the tiny Jewish community in Santo Domingo? Wouldn’t he have attended Santo Domingo’s Centro Israelita de Republica Dominicana? Or Chabad? That didn’t happen. Or at least that’s the official story. According to Dr. Ezratty :

Obviously being Jewish, it was inevitable that someone would approach him [Jorge Yoram Torres]. It wasn’t one of the members of the island’s two tiny Jewish communities, but a Dominican who claimed a crypto-Judaic heritage.

By October 2006 when Dr. Ezratty met Jorge Yoram Torres, he had established his Jewish creds and was supposedly “advising” up to 3000 Dominicans who were or believed they were of Crypto-Jewish heritage and holding Jewish services in his backyard. The day Ezratty arrived in the DR, so did a mohel from Brooklyn to perform a bris on Torres Puello’s son. Clearly he’d established his “Jewishness” well before that date.

I can’t imagine that Santo Domingo’s Jewish population was unaware of these backyard activities or other claims and fabrications:

They [Torres Puello’s “congreation”] rallied to purchase a building with a sanctuary, classrooms and dormitories for men and women so that they might observe the Sabbath without traveling. For Hanukah Torres successfully petitioned the government for permission to erect a huge menorah in one of Santo Domingo ‘s busiest intersections. Torres didn’t stop there; he got the government to donate land for a synagogue, a Jewish cemetery and a Jewish hospital. A rabbi has consented to help bring them back to Judaism and possible aliyah to Israel .

Just like there is no Laura Silsby-built New Life Children’s Refuge, there are no Torres Puello-built sanctuary, dorms, or schools. There is no Jewish hospital. There are only two Jewish cemeteries in DR, one in Santo Domingo and a small cemetery at the Sosua Community. Neither of them are new.

Wouldn’t the Jewish community have acknowledged the sudden appearance of a giant menorah in downtown Santo Domingo courtesy of Torres Puello? And who is the rabbi who “consented to bring them back to Judiasm and possible aliah to Israel?”

Isaac Rudman, president of the Israelite Center of the Dominican Repubic told David Gauthier-Villars in the Wall Street Journal that Torres Puello, whom he met two or three years ago under the name Jorge Torres, had “grandoise plans to build a hospital and a Jewish city close to Santo Domingo’s airport, but nothing came from these plans.”

This recollection, coming from Rudman, a prominent member of Santo Domingo’s Jewish community, suggests that other Jewish leaders were also aware of Torres Puello and were put off by his “conflictive” Messianic complex. Or they thought he was a phony or a nut. Or maybe they weren’t so much. Rudman’s comment calls into question Chabad Rabbi Shimon Pelman’s (right) claim that he’s never heard of Torres Pulleo, especially when it’s been reported from a source the Awareness Network trusts, that Torres Puello davens at Chabad:

=”http:>I don’t know any Jews by that name,” said Rabbi Shimon Pelman, head of the Chabad Lubavitch of the Dominican Republic. “The only Jews community in the Dominican Republic is the chabad community or the Centro Israelita community. I know everybody and he doesn’t exist.

Something is up. Maybe Pelman doesn’t know any Jews named Torres Puello because Torres Puello isn’t Jewish. Maybe it’s cover your ass.

Given Torrres Puello’s self-aggrandizement and grifterness (not to mention other worse behavior), I think there’s a good argument that Torres Puello’s Jewishness is just another scam. with or without a strategic purpose.
=”http:>(And if it is “real” it’s a prop and still a scam.) Like putting on a new name or moving to a new country. It’s about delusion, reinvention and money. =”http:>Why would DR’s 400 Jewish citizens need a Jewish city, or another school? Planting synagogues sounds a lot like evangelical work, not what Jews with rap sheets do. And what happened to Torres Pulleos “congregation”and members of the Sephardic Orthodox Jewish Community? Who are they? There is no indication that they’ve come forward to defend their “adviser.” Did he try to scam them and they bolted? Or did he scam them and bolt to El Salvador with the loot? Or do they even exist? It’s looking pretty much like Jorge is alone under that bus

The purpose of the Sephardic Orthodox Jewish Council of America (and I’m guessing the Puerto Rican, and Salvadoran organizations, which I can find no legal documents for, and the DR organization whose papers the New York Times has seen) is interesting because it seems charitable, though it is registered as a for-profit. The council would:

Represent the Sephardic Jewish communities in the Americas, and establish synagogues and performing religious marriages, conversion, kosher certification, Rabbi appointment and kosher supervisors, arbitration and mediation services.

It sounds like the “grandoise plan” for the Jewish city was getting a paper makeover to look legit and rake in the dough. Or something. =”http:>Why was Torres Puello incorporating in Florida while allegedly running an international sex trafficking outfit is anybody’s guess. Maybe he was building cover and if so why? Sex trafficking or something bigger? Maybe he suffers from multiple personality disorder. Maybe he’s stupid. Maybe all of them.

A couple of small points
=”http:>One of my anonymous posters on the Daily Bastardette points out that on the now defunct Puello Real Estate, (cache) the Besiyata Dismaya is misplaced; though I think this could be a computer problem:

=”http:>Besiyata Dismaya,” the Sephardic/ Aramaic version of “Bet Hay/ B’ezrat Hashem” (with the help of G-d) is supposed to be on the upper right hand corner of the page. It precedes any written or printed word. His web page has it in the wrong place. Not a biggie, but an observant Jew with an Orthodox education would know that.

Also, would a devout Orthodox Jew have a common law wife? I thought the Talmud forbade that or at least greatly frowned on it.

Who’s scrubbing wiki:
Somebody has been busy scrubbing references to Jorge Torres Puello off of wiki. As I noted Sunday, the reference to “Jorge Yoram Torres” disappeared in midstream on the wiki entry for “Luis de Torres.” Now, he’s gone from wiki’s “History of the Jews in El Salvador.” The Sephardic Orthodox Council of North America has gone missing from “History of The Jews in the Dominican Republic”

As of this writing:

Wiki caches referencing Torres Puello on “History of Jews in the Dominican Republic,” “Spanish and Portuguese Jews,” and “Luis de Torres” are wiped clean.

Jorge Yoram Torres, remains in this cache from “Spanish and Potuguese Jews” under the “Other permanent personalities” list.

The reference to The Sephardic Jewish Orthodox Council of El Salvador remains on the Spanish and Portuguese page.

I don’t have time right now to try to figure out who’s cleaning up Jorge’s mess.


Jorge Torres Puello is a creature of his own creation, reinvention, and destruction. The question of his religion is irrelevant and a distraction from the real issue: the trafficking of women and children for sex, servitude, and adoption and the part he plays in the Silsby setup. (Nothing turns on a Baptist woman more than trying to convert a Jewish man). But it is also relevant, if he is using his “religion” to con rip-off and exploit his victims, co-religionists, and the rest of us, and is using a corrupt network to move his “goods.” If he is indeed using the Chabad network to smuggle people, (I just don’t see enough evidence right now, but I am convinced there are many layers of corruption here, it it can get legs) then we are sitting on a big big story that goes deep into all kinds of governments and black ops. Torres Puello’s alleged work with the DEA and Homeland Security, if true, puts a whole new spin on things that leaves the Silsby Gang in the dust.

I don’t believe for one moment that Torres Puello is Jewish. But I do believe he is quite capable of “being Jewish,” (like someone is capable of being Catholic or being Norwegian); that is, deconstructing an identity and building a new persona for a big haul. It’s play acting. It’s fun. Why he would pick Judiasm, I have no idea, but as another commenter pointed out tonight, “Perhaps he passed his time in jail reading about Judaism, and decided to grow a beard and buy some Kippot/ Yamelkahs to assume a new identity.” I was thinking that myself. I know someone who did that in prison, only he actually converted and became a huge pain.

Whatever is going on is messy. It’s about money. And it reeks.

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  1. You’re slipping, BD 🙂

    Re Jorge Many-Names’ preposterous claim that he worked for DHS, as some unnamed US official helpfully pointed out in yesterday’s WSJ article, DHS didn’t exist yet at the time Jorge claims he was working for them (which was at the time he got busted for human trafficking in the US, not at the time he got busted for trafficking in El Salvador — he gave a whole different preposterous story to explain *that* trafficking bust).

    Re the claim: “I don’t know any Jews by that name,” said Rabbi Shimon Pelman, head of the Chabad Lubavitch of the Dominican Republic, this is where it helps to have some knowledge of Orthodox Judaism, and partcularly the “ultra” Orthodox, such as the Lubavitchers. They take, and speak, words very literally. This is how they convince themselves they aren’t actually violating that pesky Commandment against lying. Parse the guy’s sentences and you’ll see how he’s speaking perfectly clearly and honestly, while simply declining to answer the question that the questioner clearly had in mind.

    “I don’t know any JEWS by that name,” . . . of course he doesn’t, because he knows Jorge Many-Names isn’t a Jew. And of course, even if he was a Jew in any way that Pelman recognizes as valid, it’s important to remember that Pelman was answering a question, and the questioner must have named Jorge with one or more versions of his first, (middle), and last names when posing the question. But if the exact name Pelman *knows* him by (even while not recognizing him as a Jew) is not one that the questioner inquired about, Pelman would naturally continue on after saying “I don’t know any Jews by that NAME,” by saying “he doesn’t exist” in the Jewish community in the DR.

    Pelman has not lied, but we still have no idea if Jorge Many-Names has been participating in any established Jewish community in the DR, because Pelman hasn’t told us one way or the other.

  2. I haven’t seen Monday’s WSJ. The only reference I saw to DHS was on CNN earlier and there was no date. Of course, it’s a big lie, though it’s no secret that the government “hires” and sets up patsies all the time. He’s be perfect for the role.

    As for Pelman’s reply, I agree, but I wasn’t real clear on it. Obviously, I was thinking along the lines of him not being Jewish, but many names also fits the bill.

  3. Just took a look at the wikipedia history. Here are possibly interesting tidbits.
    The references to Jorge Yoram Torres in “history of the Jews in El Salvador” and in “Spanish and Portuguese Jews” date back to March 17th, 2009. They were added by an anonymous editor whose IP address traces back to El Salvador. Another Salvadorian IP added the reference to Yoram in the spanish article on Luis de Torres on February 20th, 2009. It would be interesting to see how this compares to Puello’s whereabouts at the time.
    As for the removal of that info, I found no indication that it was anything else than ordinary editors removing bad info.

  4. Thanks for checking on wiki. I have an account and occasionally make notations on various adoption pages. It’s been a long time, and wiki wouldn’t let me in when I tried to use it Sunday, claiming I didn’t exist. I’d make an educated guess who added the Jorge Yoram information. Imagine that!

    The articles of incorporation in Florida for the Sephardic Orthodox Jewish Council of America, Inc were filed were March 16, 2009 so he was right on schedule.

    Does anybody know how to get an EIN from IRS? I’m interested to know if they ever got their tax number, which takes months to get. Incorp papers can be filed without them.

  5. I checked the history of the deletion on History of the Jews in El Salvador. The following: “and in 2008 the Sephardic Orthodox Jewish Council of America and the Sephardic Jewish Community is founded by Jorge Yoram Torres” was deleted on Feb. 15 by an IP registered to ONEMAX S.A., which is based in Santo Domingo, DR.

    This telecom company ( sells, among other things, phone cards. I recall it was reported that Jorge Puello sold phone cards. Did he work for or have a connection to this company?

  6. Hi BD, I just called the Florida Dept. of Corporations after finding this

    Sorry that’s such a long url.

    Anyhoo, as you can see there is no EIN there. Nor is there an FEI

    So I contacted the Florida Dept of Corporations.

    Upshot, I was told the State of Florida does not require the EIN, the IRS does.

    As for FEI-that is a Florida requirement but was told they have corporations doing business for “eleven years” without a FEI.

    Yep, I actually called twice and spoke to two individuals because the first time I was only inquiring on the EIN.

    So there you go! It is up to the registered corporation to contact the Dept. of Corporations with their number but oh well, if they don’t the State of Florida unless something comes up doesn’t do a damn thing about it.

  7. In the link Robin left, if you click on the “view document” you get a pdf. In that pdf, it gives the purpose of the corporation:

    “The specific purpose for which this corporation is organized is: Represent the Sephardic Jewish communities in the Americas , and establishing synagogues and performing religious marriages, conversion, kosher certification, Rabbi appointment, and kosher supervisors, arbitration and mediation services.”

    We also have yet another name: Jorge Torres Jr. Add it to the list…..

  8. This is the address given, please note it is Suite R

    1460 NW 107TH AVE STE R
    MIAMI FL 33172 US


    SAME address, Suite R

    Registered Agent Name & Address
    1460 N.W. 107TH AVE “R”
    MIAMI FL 33172
    Name Changed: 06/16/1992
    Address Changed: 06/16/1992

    See that? Giant Express has been at that address since 1992

    Betcha want to know what business Giant Express is in that shares the same address as Puello’s corporation.

    Money transfers to El Salvador.

    Where is it Puello is wanted again? Isn’t it El Salvador? Well golly gee, I think it is.

    What a coincidence!

  9. Thanks , Robin. I found that, too, the other day, but didn’t have time to do anything with it. I’s interesting, and I’d like to know more. Perez is also linked to Karla Perez for what it’s worth.

    I’m trying to get organized today and probably won’t write anything until tomorrow.

  10. Here’s an image of Jose Carlos Perez Saleh cutting the ribbon at a catholic church in San Salvador, El Salvador…

    Cutting the Ribbon

    Here are the names of the officials, if anyone has heard of them:
    Archbishop Luigi Pezzuto, Apostolic Nuncio,
    priests Ribas and Manuel Antonio Conesa, opened the church San Juan de la Cruz, located in Via del Mar.


    So why is one of the largest courier services in all of Central America, which has been at that address since 1992, the same address that Puello used for his Sephardic Jewish corporation?

    BTW, found a picture of Saleh cutting the ribbon at a cathedral opening in El Salvador. Hmmmmmmmmmmm.

    OK, tomorrow, ring…………….

  12. Note to coffeedrinker about IP addresses. The IP database just shows that the edit was made by someone whose Internet connection came from that particular provider. There’s no reason to believe that this Wikipedia edit was made by someone in the company.

  13. Again, just my take on things…I don’t care if he is a Druid, Baal-worshipper or atheist. All I care about is keeping his nasty paws off any children. Like you said, whether or not he is Jewish has little to do with adoption. However, were I Jewish, I would want to distance myself and my faith VERY far from this character. I can see why Jewish commenters make this an issue.

  14. Wait a minute, let me get this straight…
    1. The Gigante Express operates out of Canada, Miami, El Salvador, and other central American countries
    2. Jorge Man of Many Names (MOMN) has passports/citizenship/residences in all of these places, as well as outstanding warrants/prior arrests/legal snafus
    3. Jorge MOMN incorporated a nonprofit from the same address as the Miami Gigante corporation’s.

    4. Gigante uses telecommuncations that Jorge MOMN has also been involved with.
    5. Gigante helps relatives communicate and wire money between the U.S. and other countries.
    6. Jorge MOMN has been accused of helping people move from one country to another, illegally, on many occasions, including Canada/US and Dominican Republic/El Salvador.
    7. The man in charge of the Miami Gigante office (Jose Saleh) has ties to El Salvador Catholicism.
    8. The Baptist 10 were renting a Catholic retreat for their orphanage.
    9. Jorge MOMN claims to have been working undercover for the U.S.
    10. Jorge MOMN has been a real estate and consultant in the Dominican Republic, and Sislby was looking at purchasing real estate there.
    Huh. My head is spinning. I sure hope the general public keep digging on this one, because it has the ring of something that a lot of people would like to cover up.

  15. You got it Blue. I’m in the midst of legislative hell right now (what I really do) and haven’t had the time the last couple days to get into this, but I’ll going to work on it today. I’ve got lots of links to add on the other site and go through material, but I should have time today or tonight to try to work this out You’ve done a great time of lining up the question, and Robin in snooping.

  16. Anyone speak Spanish? I called Gigante in Miami at their corporate office number (that shares the same address) but the receptionist said there is no one there today who speaks English.

  17. OK, called CNN and they just put me through to a recording for story suggestions.

    This is the email I have prepared to send. ANYONE wanting to help out here by forwarding it to news agencies of your choice, PLEASE DO.

    This is the Florida incorporation information for Jorge Puello’s corporation which was incorporated in March 2009. Note the address


    Principal Address
    1460 NW 107TH AVE STE R
    GC 503
    DORAL FL 33172

    Title P
    1460 NW 107TH AVE
    MIAMI FL 33172 US

    This is the Florida incorporation info for Gigante Express, Central America’s largest courier service. Note the address, they have been at this address since 1990.

    Gigante Express

    1460 N.W. 107TH AVE. STE R
    P.O. BOX 520795
    MIAMI FL 33172-2734
    Changed 08/24/1990
    Mailing Address
    1460 N.W. 107TH AVE. STE R
    P.O. BOX 520795
    MIAMI FL 33172-2734
    Changed 08/24/1990

    Title P
    1460 N.W. 107TH AVE “R”

    1460 NW 107 AVE. 33172 MIAMI FL TEL. 305-470-9977

    How and why was Jorge Puello (going under Jorge Torres when he incorporated SEPHARDIC ORTHODOX JEWISH COUNCIL OF AMERICA, INC.) using the same address as Gigante Express? Do you realize that Gigante is the largest courier service to Central America and started in El Salvador where Jorge Puello is wanted on charges? Gigante has been at that address according to the Florida Department of Corporations since 1990.

  18. I just heard on the radio that the Haitian judge freed 8 of the Baptists, but is keeping two, Silsby and her nanny I would guess. Those being freed have to available to come back to Haiti for “further questioning.

  19. Yep, 8 are on their way back to the US via military plane. The other two get to wait while the judge continues to dig through the tangled web.

    Here are the news articles today on the freeing of the 8. From the Idaho Statesman.

    Judge Frees Eight

    Latest on Puello and side bar about Baptist 10

    Interesting bit about the money in the last article. Their lawyer says Baptists’ family wired Puello $40,000 to pay the real lawyer, but the guy only got $10,000 and Puello took $30,000 to Panama, where he’s now hiding.

  20. Yep, 8 are on their way back to the US via military plane. The other two get to wait while the judge continues to dig through the tangled web.

    Here are the news articles today on the freeing of the 8. From the Idaho Statesman.

    Judge Frees Eight

    Latest on Puello and side bar about Baptist 10

    Interesting bit about the money in the last article. Their lawyer says Baptists’ family wired Puello $40,000 to pay the real lawyer, but the guy only got $10,000 and Puello took $30,000 to Panama, where he’s now hiding.

  21. @Robin & Blue Heron:
    Giant Express is a shipping co. to Central America, but also acts as a Mailboxes Etc outfit.
    Hence hundred of people use that address.
    Note the mailbox # in Puello’s address.

  22. I discovered that myself a little while ago when I was looking around. I found one address that sells reptiles.

    I have found some other stuff, though, but I”m still checking. Nothing earth shattering–yet, but interesting.

  23. I am so sad that the mailing address was a deadend. Bummer.

    I read on the site, somewhere, that Jorge was involved in converting cars to run on propane in El Salvador. I found a post from a Jorge Torres, May 12, 2008, on a Canadian announcement that UPS was converting trucks to propane. Here’s a link:
    Jorge Torres on Conversions
    Might be just another Jorge Torres interested in propane conversion, but you never know….

  24. I’ve got him incorporating Carmax GLP Autogas in Florida in 2008. It’s inactive, but there’s a tie-in to El Salvador. I may have some other things. It’s hard to say.

  25. Is it the GC503 that is a mailbox?

    Just asking because

    The principal address MUST be a street address.

    So if that’s true but Puello/Torres put a Florida MAILBOX then I guess the state of Florida cares about making sure people follow that rule as much as they do about getting FEI numbers!

    Again, if anyone can speak Spanish PLEASE call there. You can always find out so much more that isn’t on the internet and at the same time clear things up. That address is their corporate office, not just one of their offices.

  26. I don’t know what GC means. I’ve looked around and can’t find an appropriate meaning to the abbreviation. It might be a Spanish designation. Anyway, it could be a the same as a “suite” in mail drops or phone services or cubicle rentals. If that’s the case, lots of incorporation papers indicate “ste” as in suite which doesn’t mean anything.

    I don’t know Spanish well enough to have a phone conversation and know what was said. I can read Spanish with the assistance of a dictionary.

  27. Robin, my understanding is that one of the services Gigante provides is a mailing address for people, with mailboxes. Everyone who has a mailbox with them would have the same address and suite, with a box number. All the addresses I have found linked to that address/suite have box numbers, too.

  28. Ok, I hope this url works but you’ll have to scroll to the subheading Gigante Express

    Miami IS their corporate address. I’m understanding what they do, and that you may think it’s a dead end. I don’t think so. I think Puello was somehow hooked up with them. It’s my opinion and sense because of what was found on him in El Salvador. Was he possibly a courier? And, again, just thoughts here, the owner of Gigante is absolutely a Sephardic possible Crypto Jew. He’s worth BIG bucks. Could Puello have thought for some reason that Gigante’s money was going to support his Sephardic ventures in the Dominican Republic?

    These are just thoughts I am mulling in my head because that IS Gigante’s corporate office address, whether or not they also provide post office boxes at that address as well.

    Just thoughts everyone because someone was financing Puello’s ventures. Maybe it’s just me but I’m really sensing something here.
    But I could be totally off my rocker:)

  29. Robin, I think there is definitely a connection. If you look at my “wait a minute” post up above, I was going on the same tangent you were.

    Why would someone be the ribbon cutter at the opening of a new Catholic church? Jose Saleh, the head of the Miami Gigante is connected in some way to that church. Where did you find him connected to the Sephardic community? I haven’t seen that, so please share or point me in the direction.

    Everywhere that Gigante is, there’s Puello. Canada, Florida, El Salvador… I think the more links there are, the clearer it comes. If the address in Florida is the only sure, proven link, it is easily explained away by the mailbox theory.

  30. Saleh is a Sephardic name. That’s the connection. It was pretty easy for me to spot but just to make sure I looked it up by googling “Saleh” “Sephardic” (together with both in quotation marks). Easy to find (comes from the 700+ years the Moors ruled Spain and also North Africa) Of course it does not mean he was living as a Jew because once Ferdinand and Isabella kicked the Moors out forced conversion to Catholicism began. Side note, reading about the resurgence in claiming their Jewish past in Latin America and the Caribbean is very interesting.

  31. Jose Saleh’s full, full name is
    Jose Carlos del Carmen Perez Saleh. If you look in El Salvador for that name, you’ll find more. He’s big, and has a lot of money, which could support Robin’s theory. Jose and Banking?

    Here’s a court case, if anyone can hunt more info down:
    Civil Action No 02-22384 (S.D. Fla.)

  32. Guy’s, I know the reason why the names are being taken off the wiki. As a Dominican Jew I can tell you some inside information, this guy was shady from the beginning and it is a clean up operation.

  33. All these crap, hunting down, bad and unreliable information and I am free in the United States. I was not that bad and diabolical after all.

    If you need proof that all your articles are BS.

    Call me or send me and e-mail.



    [email protected]

  34. Es que realmente usted, Yoram? En realidad, me alegro de que estés fuera de la cárcel. Silsby debería haber ido a la cárcel, no usted.

    I actually had second thougts on your Jewishness and started to write about it, but never finished. Maybe I should now.

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