Sneaky Sara Feigenholtz’s HB 5428, the Illinois Adoption CI/Registry Cash Cow Protection Act, has been assigned to the Senate Judiciary Committee.

This is very bad.

Of the 11 members of the Judiciary Committee, two are Senate sponsors: Judiciary Committee Chair AJ Wilhelmi and Ira Silverstein.

Other powerful members of the committee are Majority Caucus Whips Terry Link and Don Harmon. Harmon is also the Assistant Majority Leader.

And don’t forget, Sara Feigenholtz’s mentor, John Cullerton, is president of the Senate.

HB 5428 could be a slam dunk for Sneaky Sara and her adoptee-soaking special interests unless its stopped now. If passed, while other states continue to unseal our original birth certificates and free them from pinch-nosed bureaucrats and politicians without controls and restrictions, Illinois adoptees will be tied up in a ball of red tape for decades. All to fill somebody’s pockets.

So far, no Senate hearings have been announced, but then none in the House were announced either, though the bill in its earlier identical forms had huge opposition from adoptee rights advocates. This time around, without public announcement and airing, no one knew this travesty, introduced as a unctuous shell, even existed until it passed the House.

Sara Feigenholtz has kept HB 5428 as secret as a sealed birth certificate. She knows that adoptees, their friends, and families loudly oppose her scheme to shove the state’s adoptees deeper into the infantilizing Illinois Adoption Registry and to accept, in some cases, legally mutilated state documents (redacted obcs) as the “real thing” She wants to gag us.

More information coming up!

In the meantime go to Bastard Grannie Annie’s latest: How a bill becomes a law in Illinois

Also go to my Deja Vue All Over Again for comments on the bill. The second part of my blog, Sara Feigenholtz;’s Small Circle of Friends will up shortly.

Just because you are adopted, Sara, does not give you a pass to abuse your class.

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  1. BD, Doesn’t it chap your hide when one of your own says and does things to set your efforts back? We also have mothers clouding the waters of our efforts. IL HB 5428 is bad for us all. It’s just one more dirty bill, with purpose obscured by smoke and mirrors, conditions and restriction, that neither adoptees nor mothers need.

  2. Illinois is broke. Anything attached to adoption can always bring in some quick cash and plenty of it too…front and back ends.

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