How to Box Your Inconvenient Baby: It only takes 20 seconds

I’ve been following the Safe Haven Baby Box campaign for several years, and this video totally creeps me out.

This is why I stay in the War for Bastard Justice.

This year, 12 states are debating bills to legalize (or expand) the use of Safe Haven Baby Boxes. Kentucky’s governor signed a bill last week, and boxes are expected to be opened in the state soon. See the Bastard Nation Legislative Page for details and various state pages for our testimony and letters. in opposition. Your state may be on the list.

States with SHBB laws on the books:  Arkansas, Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio,

As of this writing, 53 boxes have been installed in Indiana, 4 in Ohio, 2 in Arkansas, and 1 in Florida (no law yet)

As of this writing, 9 babies have been boxed in Indiana and 1 in Arkansas.

Bastard Nation Statement in Opposition to Safe Haven Baby Boxes
National Safe Haven Alliance Statement in Opposition to Safe Haven Baby Boxes
Organizations Opposed to Safe Haven Baby Boxes (more to come)

I plan to have a better portal for statements soon.

For other posts on SHBB: key in “Safe Haven Baby Boxes” in the Daily Bastardette search engine.

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