Mary Fuller and Triona Guidry have blogged first person accounts of Tuesday’s Illinois Judiciary show hearing for HB 5428.

If HB 5428 is so damned great for adoptees, then why do sponsor Rep Sara Feigenholtz and her friends in high places want to keep us silent? Why did they not only hide the bill fro public view, but keep opponents from testsifying?

Mary Fuller/Rights of Adoptees
Corrupt IL HB 5428
...For 30 years I’ve been an advocate for open records. I do understand that HB 5428 is a horrid bill. What I don’t understand is how any legislator who is serving the people can vote Yea. My thought is that the length of the bill was meant to confuse as many as possible. How many legislators actually sat down and read through 80 pages (67 if saved into a Word file). I was at the hearing and saw first-hand how some of the senators were talking among themselves and laughing. Of course I don’t know what they were laughing about but their minds did not seem to be totally on what was being said at the hearing. I won’t go into what all I viewed but the rudeness and disrespect did stand out.

…Those who know some of the IL history have heard of Al Capone. Yes, the mafia gunned down people but then cared for the deceased’s family. Now we have a different mafia in Springfield that does not gun down people at the Capitol. What they do elsewhere, I’m not sure. But they look you right in the face while they are actually stabbing you in the back. They think that we are stupid when we are smarter than at least many of them. They are not as nice as Al Capone but do refrain from having someone gun you down at the Capitol or in the parking areas. They even let Blago walk away so we are probably safe in that respect. Just how long I’m not sure.

Triona Guidry/73 Adoptee
Leaving Adoptees Behind: My experience at the Illinois HB 5428 Hearing
Once again, I find myself not only fighting people who believe adoptees have no rights but also those who believe in adoptee rights but think conditional access is okay and we can go back and fix it later. What if there isn’t a later? Don’t you think they will grandfather in anybody who’s had a disclosure veto filed against them? My rights may be gone for the rest of my lifetime, but I’ll be damned if I sit by and allow it to happen….

...That’s where the niceties end. Once the meeting started I began to get that sinking feeling you get when you’re watching the original V and the spaceships show up. You want to scream: “They’re lizards in human skins!” but everyone wants to believe that the kindly Visitors are here to help. Except they’re not, and you’re on the menu….

Also read Bastard Granny Annie’s latest: Adoptees & Free Speech, her response to deformers who have told us to shut up and mind our own business when their ugly bills rear their heads and endanger the rights of all:

…Sorry, but it doesn’t work that way. You don’t tell me what to say and I don’t tell you. Adoptees do not all belong to one huge fraternity. We have not taken an oath of allegiance to each other. We have never sworn to uphold any “party line.” We are individuals who happen to have been adopted…

After the last few weeks, I now fully grasp the meaning “Chicago politics” –even if the statehouse is in Springfield. Now, if only we could prove, beyond speculation, what Chicago Machinist Sara Feigenholtz gets for gutting the rights of adoptees she claims to promote.

To see what’s wrong with this piece of garbage see BN’s testimony here or further down the Daily Bastardette. Just above this entry I will be posting separate contact information for the Illinois Senate. Call and let members know that HB 5428 is not about our rights.

THIS JUST IN: Oh, the irony! April 22 marks Human Trafficking Outeach Day in Illinois. Will Sara be there?

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