HAPPY MAY DAY! Bastards of the world unite, You have nothing to lose but your shame!

In honor of May Day, here’s some Bastard Nation chants.  You can find more here.

lucy parsons

  • Our records, our rights!
  • Sealed records are secrets and lies/Adoptee rights are civil right!s
  • No more secr3ets, no more lies/Bastards will not compromise!
  • We’re illegit/And we won’t quit/And we won’t quit/’Til open records is what we git!


Bastards, Bastards, proud are we!
Say the name;
Erase the shame.
Our rights and records we’ll reclaim!


My dog has a pedigree
What about *my* identity?


To you, it’s Vital Statistics.
To us, it’s “None of your business!”

If CHIFF has tried to shut you up, tell us your story!

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