Falling Into the Nadir Pit of NAM/NAAM

I have reached the nadir of NAM/NAAM/NanoPoblano.  I have nothing to say.  No. I take that back. I do have something to say, but time is running short this Saturday night. I have no idea what I did today, but eat too much and play around with setting up my Mastadon account.  Although I plan to stay on Twitter, it doesn’t hurt to get another forum going. I had huge plans for the day, and now it’s gone.  Yikes! Did I have a black-out? I don’t think so.

I do know that my nephew sent me a link to an album, released in 1979, of my late brother Rob’s band  “Legend” out of Cleveland. I only met Rob once since well…adoptees aren’t allowed to know their bio families. I knew he was a musician who jammed with Michael Stanley and George Thoroughgood, but that was it. I really like the album. Lots of influences. It falls under “hard rock” but TexMex, ThinLizzy, Van Halen, the aforementioned George Thoroughgood, a little bit of Dylan,  a little bit of blues, and some other influences  I just can’t place are there.  He played rhythm guitar and sang. His lead “NoRain” is at 22:30. Cleveland garage bands were the best.

So here’s what  I plan to cover next week:

  • a “very special” adoption (think: Indiana boxed baby with some weird information in the news coverage that sorta contradicts the propaganda.
  • Kruithoff v Catholic Charities goes to SCOTUS (unmarried fathers have more parental rights than married fathers in Michigan –at least in this case.)
  • My Adoption Curse,  the new CD  by adoptee singer/songwriter David Matthew Wright
  • I need to listen to it yet, but when I do, comment on what purports to be a recent 45-minute lecture against birth control by Pam Stenzil, the hotline coordinator and counselor for Safe Have Baby Boxes, who says if adoptees don’t like baby boxes they have mental problems.

BTW, I am disappointed that the crackpots I follow on Twitter and sometimes “debate,” aren’t on Mastodon. One of them, a rabid  Blue Army-type Catholic, obsessed with Communists and anarchists infiltrating the church in order to destroy the family, claims that it’s a sin to refuse to have sex since it stops a baby from being born.  Abstinence is on a par with abortion. Hmmm. OK.  Apparently, babies are just floating around in the ether waiting for a  comfy tummy to slip into. Putting priests aside (please!), where does this leave nuns?

Hopefully,  tomorrow will be a better day.

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We Poke Back!

Day 19 NAM/NAAM/NanoPoblano

Originally posted:  Daily Bastardeette, November 19, 2022

Only 10 more days to go!  Help!


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