Epic: Seahawks Sale a Bust; Lundbergs’ faith too big?”

epicWell, it’s over!

The Lundberg’s failed to find a $32,000 buyer  on eBay, for their $55 Seahawks-Saints tickets to  Monday night’s game. They did get one taker, whose bid was rejected.

  • Perhaps Chris Lundberg misinterpreted his prophetic dream.
  • Perhaps God was testing him–challenging him to give up one of his most prized possessions.  (He ought to be glad his name’s not Abraham.)
  • Perhaps the Lundbergs are followers of the Christian prosperity movement
  • Perhaps their faith is just “too big.”

Unfortunatly, for them, the  couple will have to go back to throwing Dinner and Movie nights at their home to pay for their adoption…

Lundberg menu

,,,and ramp up their PayPal account.

The Lundbergs are into creative fundraising, and I can’t help but think the Seahawks ticket scheme was an God-inspired attempt to stir the fundraising pot. I don’t see how this helped them much on a big scale. . They just look greedy, yuppie, delusional, and self-absorbed.  If you can’t afford to adopt on your own, why should anybody pour their money into your PayPal account? Are they Socialists or something?

The Lundsbergs are pure Capobianco material.


It’s been pointed out to me that the Lundbergs are probably going for a domestic adoption right now.. The press coverage is a little vague so I might have misinterpreted.  Lexi’s blog, which I was not aware of yesterday, says they have an “adoption consultant (oh! oh!) but suggests they are also looking into foster care.  Now that’s not going to cost them $32,000. Probably not even 10% of that. Malawi doesn’t seem to be off the table either. Maybe Madonna will help them. Frankly I’d like to see her dig a village well.

Lexi notes in her blog that the couple went on  mission trip to Malawi in May. I suppose they paid for all or most  of that trip (mission trips usually aren’t a free ride) , but it’s a little suspicious to read about their trip and their massive home redecoration project with pictures  (quite a layout!) but they can’t come up with the money for an adoption.

Priorities, kids.  Priorities!

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