Demons of Adoption Awards 2011! Vote!

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It’s that time of year again!

Voting for the 5th Annual Demons of Adoption Awards is at hand.   Pound Pup offers us a fine selection to chose from this year, and as usual, what’s a girl to do?  So many choices; so few votes! .  Nominations have been expanded  this year into separate categories:  The Industry; The Regulators, and my favorite,  The Mouthpieces.

My hometown industry  favorite is Adoption by Gentle Care whose been begging for  the award for years. They’re the ones who handled the notorious Baby Grayson placement. ( I’m mean!  I’d planned to nominate Grayson’s PAPs, but came up a day short and a dollar late.)

This years nominees are:

The Industry
A Act of Love Adoption Agency:  for purposefully finding ways to curcumvent fathers consent (and me:; not to mention bad grammar)

Adoption by Gentle Care:   for keeping a young boy (Thad Wyrembek aka Grayson Vaughn) from his biological father

Lifetime Adoption:  for predating on vulnerable pregnant women

Adoptions by Shepherd Care:  for coercive domestic adoptions out of Florida Celebrate Adoption:  for their association with Guatemalan kidnapping cases

Susan Lucara: for her involvement in Guatemalan kidnapping cases

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints:  for running one of the largest baby peddling rings in the world

The Regulators
The Department of State:   for it’s prolonged silence in the on-going Guatemala adoption kidnapping caases

Senator Mary Landreu:  for ignoring all ethics regarding adoption and promoting the business interest of  the adoption industry in Congress

The State of Utah:  for their draconian adoption laws, especially with regard to fathers rights

Florida Department of Children & Families:  for their lack of monitoring in the Nubia and Victor Barahona case, and for allowing some of the most unethical agencies to set up shop in the State of Florida.

The Mouthpieces
Both Ends Burning: ; for their reckless approach to expand the business of adoption

Adam Pertma: for claiming to be a critic of the adoption system, while at the same time promoting the interest of the adoption industry  for censoring all valid criticism towards the adoption industry

Dr. Jane Aronson: for fiercely promoting adoption while being entirely blind towards unethical practices

Elizabaeth Bartholet: for recklessly promoting inter-country adoption even in the face of child trafficking and adoption fraud.


Please go over to the Demons of Adoption 2011 ballot, and click on appropriate links to read more about the nominees.

Then VOTE!

 Former Winners: 
National Council for Adoption
;Juno Bethany Christian Services
;Joint Council on International Children’s Services.
The election closes October 31. 

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