1. The “American” way! Consumerism, at its finest, if one can’t or don’t have a baby, buy it.

    Two weeks too long for those who feel entitled,and $11,000 uh, try $50,000 at least, no less.

    Get a loan off your home it could be $60,000 for a womb fresh, white, newborn.

    “American Way” that it is now spread Internationally.

  2. The Cop Rock video was made in 1990, so it reflects 1990 child prices. Cop Rock, I thought, was a terrible concept. Steven Bocchio must have been toking some good weed think it up. We can only imagine what network guys were doing. I’ve changed my mind, though. It’s a brilliant concept. It actually reminds me of Andrew Lloyd-Weber’s schlock now, but without the sentiment.

  3. Cop Rock cried out for better choreography. The Baby Merchant is good, sleazily animated, but the PAPs don’t have anything to do, they just stand around looking uncomfortable. I suppose this is in character, but the scene would have been better if they reacted with dance…

  4. yeah, hilarious like the Russian kids that are being adopted and then killed.

    or the Romanian little boy I knew who was unadopted by his forever family


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