Yes. I admit it! Bastardette has suffered silently from Ugly Blog Syndrome. For a long time I have really really really hated the look and upkeep of The Daily Bastardette. The baby-puke ochre. The cumbersome technical task of keeping “the classic” look updated.

The thought of updating to a spiffy look via the magic of the “new and improved” Blogger was depressing and scary. I’d have to re-do all those links. And what if I lost everything through my unability to comprehend the “simple” instructions? I felt like a big-haired mama on Maury who’s dragged kicking and screaming by her embarrassed kids to an upscale Upper West Side salon and spa for a makeover. Worst of all, I felt alone. Ashamed. I believed I was the only blogger in the entire blogosphere who hated the look of their own blog.

Then, a few weeks ago, Claud made a startling and courageous public confession. She, too, was unhappy with her blog. And she, too, found the task of self-improvement onerous. Within a matter of days, though, with the support and help of caring friends, she was able to overcome her fear of change and presented the world with a new-look Musings of the Lame. I questioned Claud about this when I saw her in New York two weeks ago and she assured me the operation was painless. So with Claud as my inspiration…

…the new Daily Bastardette! I feel like I’ve moved from an Ohio cornfield to Times Square!

I’ve gone back to black (black is Bastardette’s favorite color, though technically it’s not a color). I’ve added new graphics and links. One new feature is an adoptee rights news feed. (Check out Erik Smith’s response to the Dec. 3 Adoption Advocates of Iowa’s claim in the DesMoines Register that Bastard Nation is “anti-adoption.”) I’ll be adding more features over the next few weeks. Now, if I could only put the “Daily” into “Bastardette”!

I’m still having a problem with my banner. Without doing an html edit I don’t think I can align the title and text to the right of Rhoda. Last time I tried to make html corrections on my other blog, I deleted who-knows-what, and I had to do the whole thing over. Once bitten…Maybe Blogger will continue to new and improve and I can fix it.

Let me know how you like the new Bastardette!


  1. I think it looks AWESOME! Anytime you need html or css help, hit me up. I like to do it and I’d be happy to lend a hand. (I think the banner looks great as is but if you wanted me to mess with it, I could.) And if you ever wanted to make the leap to your own domain, I could help with that, too.

  2. Well..number one..glad I could act as the appropiate muse. And I was not a lying muse as it wasn’t that hard for you either! Goodie!
    And, while I see you have your Daily added in your banner, I do know the secret of fixing that! Do the header as its own full grapic..and the don’t use the b;logger title thingy. Does that make sense? Email me if it doesn’t..and i could do the graphic thing for you if you need it. 🙂

  3. Marley, I’m a new visitor and very impressed! Thanks for sending Maryanne to my blog, Second Chances. Mine is not pretty, and unlike yours, 75% personal and 25% adoption news and issues. I’m going to add your to my recommended blogs, and hope you will add me to yours.

    We met several years ago in Sacramento during an open records rally. I was very active in PACER before moving to Arizona. Although I am still a member, keep in touch, and write the occasional article for them.

    Keep up the good work!

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