Finally some recognition–sort of. Three letters from ungrateful bastards criticizing the recent University of North Carolina Daily Tar Heel’s adoptee bashing editorial were printed in today DTH along with a picture of the binkies that accompanied the letters.

I’m ashamed to say that after promoting the BBA, Bastardete didn’t get around to sending the Tar Heel editorial board the binkie of her disgust. She did however, buy a bag of binkies at CVS and will be sending them out to future offenders.

PERSONAL NOTE: I’ve been busy the last few days pimpin’ my new MySpace page. I’ve got it about 92% the way I want it (for now), but am having a couple small tech problems still. I’ve got some BN stuff, but this is really my personal page.

Bastard Nation needs to have a My Space presence, and I hope to have a BN page up within the next 10 days. If you’ve got some free time now though, go over and take a look at what I’ve done. Some Old Bastards have crawled of the woodwork and I’ve put up some Russian music videos. If you’ve got a MySpace account and want to be my Friend, just hit the add button. Almost everybody is welcome. Those who aren’t know who they are.

Photo: Daily Tar Heel

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