Back from Hell/The President is a unicorn

Hell 1After a much-long hiatus of half starts and full stops due  to a number of problems including technical and being dragged down with two jobs, I’m back now. And this time I mean it.  It’s been like being in jail.  So much to write about and no means or time to do it.  I’ll  be doing some catch-up over over the next few weeks on various subjects from shenanigans in Indiana (OBCs, and Baby Boxes), Illinois (foundling birth certificates) New York (who is doing what and what in the world is it?), to amazingly ugly stuff going on with “safe havens” (the Morriseys eating their former SH allies) . And then there’s the job of sifting through nearly 1400 “comments” caught in my spam trap!

I’d planned to dedicate today to some writing, but time is slipping slipping slipping into the future already, so I’m keeping it short tonight (besides I have to wash the dishes and get ready for the return of Don Draper) So, I’ll jump right to the important news:

The White House this weekend announced–or at least implied–that the president is indeed a unicorn.

obama rainbowOf course, as president of the United States, Barack Obama is socially above farting happy-dappy adoption platitudes. He can fire them at will from his fingertips.

Does this mean that the petition-obsessed will drop their pointless time-wasting  demands for Obama to unseal OBCs through Executive Order (or other federal means) when the president as the CEO of the US has no constitutional authority to do so? Or will they (excuse me!) adopt this image as a sign from God that he is above the law and on their side?

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