The English language Moscow Times reported four hours ago that European Adoption Consultants, contrary to earlier news reports in RPC News and Gazetta, has not been banned from operating in the Russian Federation. (see Forever Family–Forever Dead memorial blog below.) The agency, however, is under investigation over its failure to immediately report the death last week of Dmitry Yakolev (adopted name Chase Harrison) in Virginia. The Moscow Times also said that the accreditation of two other agencies, The Cradle of Hope Adoption Center and Family and Children’s Agency has been withdrawn over failure to keep the Russian Education and Science Ministry informed on the well-being of adoptees placed by them as required by Russian law. Vladimir Kabanov, head of the ministry’s adoption department denied that the agencies were connected to the Yakolev/Harrison case, saying they are guilty of separate violations.

EAC director Margaret Cole refused to comment as did officials from the other agencies.

Having spent a lot of time in Russia myself, I was curious at the speed in which the ministry had reportedly booted EAC. Usually the apparatchiki grinds as slow as a babushka picks through the rynok. It’s hearening to know that the ministry is on top of the Yakolev/Harrision case. Hopefully confusion about the case will clear soon.

July 15, 2008 ADDENDA: According to, as of Monday, Miles Harrison is still in the hospital.


  1. Cradle of Hope and Family & Children’s Agency used the same “travel agency” called All Ways Travel.

    There is speculation All Ways was really the powerhouse beind their adoption programs. Something happened in Russia with this. Hence their “being banned” and/or losing their accreditation.

    COH is a big agency who has done lots of Russian adoptions (and had a lawsuit tossed at it). Some complaints as well. It’s one of those agencies I’ve clocked for years.

    EAC is another one with a long lineage in Russia. EAC was established in late 1991, so you know it’s going to take a nuclear device to dislodge their program.


  2. How com Cradle of Hope still has
    “We are pleased to announce that our Russian Accreditation was Approved June 27, 2007!”
    On their website ?

  3. Jane:

    I was wondering the same exact thing. They probably haven’t updated the website & are still trolling for more clients. Plus, they may still have a few ‘pipleline’ cases pending.

    Can’t upset the paying clients you know!


  4. FROM Erik L. Smith:

    I do not know all the facts of this case, but I do know that the elements of voluntary and involuntary manslaughter in Virginia have been cited as the following:

    Voluntary manslaughter:

    “an intentional killing committed while in the sudden heat of passion upon reasonable provocation.

    Turner v. Commonwealth, 476 S.E.2d 504, 506 (Va.App. 1996).

    “Involuntary manslaughter is the killing of one accidentally, contrary to the intention of the parties, in the prosecution of some unlawful, but not felonious, act; or in the improper performance of a lawful act.”

    Darnell v. Commonwealth, 370 S.E.2d 717, 719 (Va.App. 1988) citing Mundy v. Commonwealth, 131 S.E. 242, 244 (Va. 1926).

    Assuming that is the current law, involuntary manslaughter would seem to be the highest possibility. Virginia has classified that as a Class 5 felony.

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