5 Replies to “And You Wonder Why the Current "Adoptee Rights" Sell-outs Make Me Sick”

  1. Marley,
    I was shocked to feel the tears flowing down my cheeks as I watched these images and remembered the feelings the first time I saw them on the news or in person. Never, ever again should things like Kent State happen again, but where, oh where are the activists today?

  2. Sandy, all pounding their keyboards pretending they’re doing something. For some reason, they majority seem today to identify with the oppressor. They believe government is their friend. Or they sijply won’t believe what is going on. As far as the anti-war folks go, sure there’s an independent anti-war group, but you notice that most disappeared when Obama was elected. They were anti-Bush, not anti-war. So they stand there and cheer when Obama takes us into Libya and who knows where else. The only way activism will be re-born is when enough people are hurt or threatened by the bosses.

  3. Just to let anyone know…I am Anti-war…no matter who sits in the White House. War, is war, is war. And these messes going on in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, etc…is not War, it’s Nation-Building…American-Style.

    WWI and WWII…were REAL wars!!

  4. That’s how I feel, Chris. There are sometimes justified wars, but they are few and far between. It would never occur to me to support a war because a party or politician I favored was staging it. And that’s exactly what’s wrong with this country today.

    I look back to WW2 and wonder how today’s politicians and certainly today’s public would react to having the likes of Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini and Franco in high places of power around the world. I guess we should be grateful for small favors.

    You might have noticed that someone (I know who, but I wont’ name her here) tried to smack me down on FB for posting this. Gosh, I insulted deformers who have worked so hard.

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