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Baby safe haven signIt’s so much fun finding these unexpected gems when looking for something else.

It’s no secret that there is a huge rift in the Safe Haven movement.  Baby boxes are contentious for sure, but there’s a chasm between sane advocates and ….welL…the  other. I have a big piece on that coming up soon. It just needs some edits and updates.

Seems the Massachusetts contingent with no blame, no shame, no name (and you know who I mean) has been selling (or rather the company that makes their signs is selling)  Baby Safe Haven signs on Amazon, secreted, like a cabbage leaf,  in the patio, lawn & garden, outdoor decor, yard signs department . The kind of signs that are plastered all over fire stations, hospitals, and parking lots in Massachusetts. Now these signs have always bothered me for the obvious, but also the misspelling.  It’s Newborn not New Born, though I suppose you could get away on a linguistic technicality   I might be tempted to buy one myself for fun if they didn’t cost $40.67 plus postage. And where did that number come from?  A sign would look good on my porch and who knows?  A wondering and bleeding desperado might wander by and leave me her baby.  I could make a quick turnaround for the holidays.

Now selling these signs on is weird enough, but the sign comes with two reviews–neither of them complementary–by no other than safe haven advocates obviously unimpressed with the Massachusetts tin drum bangers.


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By Brian R on January 29, 2015

These are NOT official Baby Safe Haven signs, and the guidance on them is NOT correct for many states in the US. Using this sign can put at-risk mothers in legal jeopardy if they follow the guidance on this sign in a state where the laws are not written this way. For proper guidance as to the laws in your state visit[…] or call 1-888-510-BABY.

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Please do not use this sign. You could cause a woman to be arrested for illegally abandoning her infant. These signs do not list the correct infant relinquishment law. A woman following these instructions will be at great risk — and who knows what will happen to the baby. There are legal ways to relinquish newborn infants. This is not one.

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Oh the irony if our New England drum beaters got a mom busted over their misinformation signs. Even I wouldn’t be that cruel!



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