Adoptee Rights Town Hall Meeting – November 17, 2020

I”ll be writing up a review of this year’s debacle-by-Covid sometime soon, but for now…

….  Our friend, Adoptees United, is holding its second Town Hall meeting on Tuesday, November 17, to discuss what to expect in the hallowed halls of legislatures across the country next year.

I”ll be checking in with some updates on Safe Haven Baby Boxes and if there’s time, a little bit about re-homing.  I’m an Observer in the Uniform Law Commission’s drafting of re-homing legislation and sat in on last week’s meeting.

Join us!

Online Event

After spending nearly two weeks going over our discussion from the October town hall and breaking down the election results from November 3, we’ll discuss what adoptee rights may look like in the near future.
What are our priorities and what issues can we tackle successfully? How do we do it within a new political framework? Who is now in power across the country and what does that mean for us, our loved ones, and adoptee rights generally, whether domestic or intercountry?
Up for discussion are U.S. citizenship issues for intercountry adoptees (and the viability of the Adoptee Citizenship Act of 2019 ), legislative priorities for adoptee rights and OBCs, and how to be strong allies for those continuing with anti-racism work and civil rights issues, particularly within adoption

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