Bastrardette is such a klutz! 45 minutes ago she attempted to fix the date stamp on the latest blog: Family Planning Family Spamming, and the entire thing disappeared and can’t be recovered. Perhaps it was taken to a Safe Haven drop-off center, fast-tracked anonymously by a National Council for Adoption agency, and is now in the hands of a cult church.

Anyway, if you’ve come to read Family Planning, Family Spamming….I’m retyping and reconstructing it and it should be back up tonight.

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    This post is full of comments saying that God plans adoptions. All the comments disagreeing or saying it’s offensive have been removed.
    The argument given is that Joseph adopted Jesus so God does love adoptions. Someone pointed out that makes God his birthfather then doesn’t it?
    Funny about that because one of my g’mothers coercive lines was about how Mary carried Jesus knowing that he was not really hers…..Looks like you can push for adoptions using Mary and Jesus from any angle you want.

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