The Hypocrisy of Ohio Right to Life: Loud on “saving babies'” silent on global murder of children

hypocrisyWelll, it seems that Ohio Right to Life has blocked me from posting on its Facebook page even though I “like” it and still do.

I objected to this “inspirational” message from Diane Mariechild, a new agey touchy-feely feminist-type, who I doubt Ohio Right to Life and its Fearless Leader Mike Gonidakis wouldn’t go within 50 feet of had she not been agendized by them. I mean, for Pette’s sake, she’s the author of  Lesbian Sacred Sexuality.


Now this particular quote,especially, witinin the context of Ohio Right to Life, really irked me. I had to get to work so I wrote a short note asking if this made those of us who have no desire to breed for the state or God not  real women.” Well, it stayed up there for a few hours, but tonight it’s gone, as well as my abilitly to comment. That’s no big deal,but I find it amusing that ORTL who demonizes sexually active women and goes to great social and political lengths to extract their newborns from them to be recycled in the suburbs, demands a public “safe space” when they’re called on it

Feeling frisky, I posted on another thread at the same time something along these lines: first you came for the babies, then you came for the adoptees; then their mothers and fathers; them you came for the taxpayers. I was referring to ORTL’s long record of armtwisting crapppy adoption laws; that is, to make adoption easiser  and cheaper for upper middle class  paps (and here, here and here ) and its failure to stand for the right of ALL Ohio adoptees to receive their OBC’s, though ORTL wasn’t the only one to blackhole selected bastards

Is it cranky of me to snark at Gonidakis & Co who single-handedly got ORT’L’s screw-adoptees and-their-parents bill  passed last year simply because he had a hard time acquring his own home-grown non-bio sprog and had to go to Guatemala, probably the most corrupt adoption country in the word, to get one?  And then had the gall to complain  that it was easier to adopt  a Guat than to get a newborn Buckeye. The politics of revenge is sweet and easy when you’ve got the Ohio General Assembly in your pocket.

If I hadn’t been in a hurry this morning I would also pointed out the hypocrisy of ORTL in its treacaly praise of women and their romantic and spiritual power  to “create, nurture, and transform” when it is clear the only women ORTL thinks are up to the task are married mothers, preferably Christian, who have figured out how to soak Ohio taxpayers for adoption tax credits (And just how do tax credits for the priviledged minons of Upper Arlington, Pepper Pike, and Indian Hill stop women who don’t want to be pregnant or can’t afford to be, from getting abortions?). I have never heard of any ORTL initiatve to assist  disencranchised,  poor, and disempowered women to keep their babies and their famlies in tact–” to create, nurture, and transform.” That, you see, must to be left to worthy women.  The virgin and the whore.OTRL’s whole scenario reminds me of Laura Marx’s (Karl’s daughter) and Paul LaFargue’s  send-up of the rich: The Right to be Lazy

Now, to add insult to injury, ORTL issued a petulant press release today attacking HB 408 a measure introduced post- Colorado Springs  by  Dems to try to staunch harassment of abortion clinic staff and  women who use their services.Their big upset seems to be that Planned Parenthood  and NARAL compared them–or anti-aborts in general–to ISIS.

Dr Patrick Johnson and his trusty camera. CapCarel (photo by Bastardette)

Dr Patrick Johnson and his trusty camera. CapCarel

When I covered the abortrion and Christo-fascist  beat for the Colubmbus Free Press and my Theoconia blog, I saw plenty of harassment, but  it didn’t come from ORTL, who if anything stays on the rails and behind office doors.   Forced birth advocate Dr. Patrick Johnston,  who has little use for the “reformist” ORTL, often snapped pictures of clinic escorts, medical staff,  patients,family and friends, and even the cars and license plates of people entering women’s clinics.  These pictures were then posted on his website, the now apparently defunct Stop Columbus Killing.;  Sometimes shouting matches errupted between protesters and patients. Once a fist fight broke out when a man lost it and pounced on Pastor Bill Dunfee from  New Beginnigns Church in Warsaw, for screaming at his wife/girlflriend as they walked to the back door of CapCare, under escort,  getting Pastor Bill hustled away by the cops.  He told me a couple weeks later than no charges were filed .Outside of those tussles Operation Rescue/Operation Save America’s 2004  attempt to  take down Columbus Planned Parenthood when some members went on private property and were promply busted for trresspassing. I’ll never see ORTL do that. I’m pretty sure Mike Gonidakis’ definiton of harassment is different than mine.

Pastor Bill Dunfee, hauled away. CapCare. (photo by Bastardette)

Pastor Bill Dunfee, hauled away. CapCare. (photo by Bastardette)s

Anyway, I’m sympathetic to the bill’s intent, but  I think it is going to run into some serious First Amendment issues (as is and does the ACLU) but that’s really beside the point for this discussion.

I’m tired of ORTL not only tramping on the rights of adoptees and their birthparents, but of their hyppocritical “life”  truckle–and no I don’t mean some sort of stereotypical whine about anti-abort failue to adopt ‘[all those babies.”–which I’m not convinced is true.  Lots of the anti-aborts I’ve met over the years have adopted both newborns and older kids out of foster care.  Their deal is salavation. Childlren and their own. As Missourii Governor Sam Brownback (then Senator) once spouted at a Call gathering in Washington DC, the more you adopt the easier it is to get into heaven.

So, this is what I mean: ORTL’s failure to oppose US war culture and  it’s routine support of pro-war, pro-nation building, pro rally-round-the-flag  neo-colonialst politicians and radio talk shows hosts. That’s not isn’t exactly “prolife.”.  Glenn Beck,  Marco Rubio and most recently Carly Fiorino  (by conference) have headlined ORTL events in the last couple of years all yabbering about the “sanctity of life.”. I thorougly expect ORTL to suck Donald Trump’s dick in the next few months.

ORTL’s silence about the  thousands of chidlren who have been maimed, and murdered  (and here ) by the US goverwnment in its quest to make the world safe for demcracy or whatever Wilsonian scheme they have going under a different name iin the Middle East and anywhere else globalists and bankers can turn a buck brings the lie to their “prolifei” claim..

.This has perturbed me for years, so, this  afternoon I commented on ORTL’s webpage under its press release about HB 408:

If you people are so pro-life, why aren‘t you opposing the Bush-Clinton-Bush-Obama wars against POCs around the world? Why aren’t you in the forefront of saving lives by stopping wars of agression against the weak, disenfranchised and the poor? Why aren’t you speaking up about the murders of tens of thousands of chidlren and , babies, and the miscarriages and stillbirths caused by US government? I attended an anti-abortion hearing at the Statehouse a couple years ago where a radical anti-abort from Mansfield told me that it was OK to kill children in Iraq; otherwise they’d grow up and come over here and kill us. Some company you keep, Mike. 

Well see how long that stays up.

Should I expect an answer?

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