I’m heading out for Cambridge later this morning for the Alliance for the Study of Adoption and Culture conference at MIT. This theme this year is Adoption: Secret Histories, Public Policies. You can see the program here.

I’m delivering a paper on “safe havens.” Here my panel:

Secrecy and Openness: Legal Issues
Chair: Sara Dillon, Suffolk University School of Law

“Preventing Harmful Secrecy: Blood-ties, Best Interests and Veto Victims.”
Alice Diver, School of Law, University of Ulster, Northern Ireland

Letting the Genes Out of the Bottle: Should New Paradigms in Medicine Lead Us to New
Paradigms in Adoption?
Martha Satz, Southern Methodist University

‘Safe Haven’ Laws: Promoting the Culture of Secrets and Shame in an Age of Adoption Openness–Ohio Case Study.”
Marley Greiner, activist, Bastard Nation, Ohio

So, things will be a little quiet here, despite a lot of breaking news in the last few weeks. I’ll try to post about the conference and some pictures.

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  1. See you there tomorrow! Here is my panel, and I sure could use some moral support from any like minded folks at the conference. Saturday 10:45

    B. Birthmothers: Agency and Activism (32-155)

    Chair: Jean Keller, CSB/SJU

    Title: “A Tactile Love: Korean Birthmothers’ Online Community”
    Hosu Kim, College of Staten Island

    “Recovering Jocasta: Bio-essentialism and Agency in Discourse about Birthmothers”
    Frances Latchford, York University

    “A History of Birthmother Activism 1976-2010”
    Mary Anne Cohen, Concerned United Birthparents, New Jersey

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