Bastard Reading; Bastard Learning

reading 2When I stated writing for #flipthescript/NaBloPomo/NAM this month I said that some of my posts would be short. This is one of them.  Holdng down 2 jobs and my Bastard Nation Work sometimes wipes me out.  Now I have to get up in the middle of the might to do an out-of-town job tomorrow. I got my hair cut this afternoon and fell asleep in the chair. Not a good sign. It’s one of those days, so here’s a short one:

I don’t make it a secret that I don’t read a lot of adoption literature. I read a lotof books, but adopta-lit isn’t high on my reading list.  I prefer 19th century English and American novels, mysteries. pop culture, American history, organized crime ( my field in grad school) and auto/biographies. But I do have a list of adaption books that I’ve enjoyed over the years and find the political and the personal. Occasionally, I”m asked what adoption-related  books I like. Here is a non-fiction list:

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